Quezon City

Quezon City

Here’s Where You Can Find Ube and Galaxy Milk Tea in QC

What other way to take your milk tea game to a whole new level but to have it galaxy-colored? The honey-based ube and galaxy milk tea by Ho Cha Milk Tea Shop in Quezon City steps up to provide a yummy treat.

ICYMI: Quezon City Public Library Extends Library Hours on June 18 to July 20

Quezon City Public Library announced their month-long extended library hours from 8 am to 7 pm on weekdays, two hours longer than their usual closing time.

American Singer Halsey Is Coming To Manila This August

If “Closer," "Bad At Love," and "Colors" gave you the LSS, good news Filipino fans! Halsey is coming to Manila!

Quezon City Public Library Open to the Possibility of 24/7 Operations

Quezon City Public Library (QCPL) is open for talks in operating the library for 24 hours.

5 Tips To Help You Enjoy The NBS Warehouse Sale To The Fullest

NBS Warehouse Sale is happening today. Book sales can be chaotic. Here are some tips that can help you!

Here’s Where You Can Get The Extra Spicy Chickenjoy Of Jollibee In Manila!

Jollibee's Spicy Chickenjoy is back in the Metro! Check out this list to find out where to get them!

Even Meat Lovers Will Enjoy This Vegetarian Kitchen in Quezon City!

It’s 2018! Wouldn't you want your new year’s resolution to be to eat healthier meals? It may seem easier said than done, but in Vegetarian Kitchen, even meat lovers would want to turn vegetarian!

Poultry Stack Makes You Go Around The World Through Chicken

Poultry Stack will definitely make you reconstruct your idea of an extraordinary chicken place! With flavors from all over the globe, there's no way your cravings won't be satisfied.

Find Your Second Home At The Frazzled Cook In Tomas Morato!

Finding a quiet place where you can just relax and dine? The Frazzled Cook in Tomas Morato is the perfect place for you!

There’s A Solar-Powered Restaurant In Manila, And It Is Cool AF!

A power plant-inspired restaurant in Quezon City is the first solar-powered restaurant in Metro Manila! No brownouts and blackouts!

6 Exciting Escape Room Spots In Metro Manila You Can Enjoy With Your Friends

With a lot of things happening in a person’s life, one may want to “escape” everything, even just for a while...inside escape rooms.

Top 5 Places to Satisfy Your Street Food Cravings in Quezon City

Quezon City isn’t just a place for fine dining. If there’s one thing that keeps people coming back, it has to be the street food.

6 Must-Visit Fairview Food Parks For Your Next Food Park-Venture In Manila!

Food parks are recently on the rise. Good food is easier to find now even if you're on carpooling with your barkada thanks to food parks...