Quezon City

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10 Romantic Restos in the Metro That Will Take Your SO’s Breath Away

If you're looking for the most romantic restos to please your SO this Valentine's Day, check out these restaurants with great cityscape views!

This Filipino Celebrity’s Spa Is Going To Be Your New Luxurious Escape

Hope Hand and Foot Wellness spa promotes wellness as mindset and lifestyle. With it's aesthetically pleasing ambiance paired with its mental and physical benefits, Liza Soberano's spa could be your next relaxation spot, for an affordable price!

Even Meat Lovers Will Enjoy This Vegetarian Kitchen in Quezon City!

It’s 2018! Wouldn't you want your new year’s resolution to be to eat healthier meals? It may seem easier said than done, but in Vegetarian Kitchen, even meat lovers would want to turn vegetarian!

Poultry Stack Makes You Go Around The World Through Chicken

Poultry Stack will definitely make you reconstruct your idea of an extraordinary chicken place! With flavors from all over the globe, there's no way your cravings won't be satisfied.

Halal Kabab Express Offers Express Serving Of A Healthy Take On Their Authentic Kababs

Halal Kabab Express offers authentic healthy Persian cuisine you can enjoy at a very affordable price. Be ready for the festival of spices and flavors!

Find Your Second Home At The Frazzled Cook In Tomas Morato!

Finding a quiet place where you can just relax and dine? The Frazzled Cook in Tomas Morato is the perfect place for you!