This New Movie-Themed Café and Restaurant in QC is Every Movie Buff’s Film Haven

Nowadays, customers set the bars high for their next food haven, and they always love a level up. If we’re talking about level up, Movie Stars Café easily qualifies the criterion.It’s a movie-themed restaurant and a movie memorabilia studio that offers good food and entertainment in one place.

Look: Maroon 5 is Coming Back to Manila in 2019

Whether you grew up loving their hits in the early 2000s or you’re just bopping to their pop-rock-EDM beats today, the band Maroon 5 has always been people’s favorite. If you’re a fan or an avid listener of Maroon 5, good news!

This New Ride-Sharing App Lets You Book Rides via SMS

Enter HYPE, a new TNVS that recently launched in Metro Manila last July 3. It's a newly-formed local company offering the service that could be booked via SMS. It also features an SOS button in case of emergency during your ride.

This Netizen Shared a Jollibee Super Meal Tipid Hack and the Internet is Having It

Each Jollibee Super Meal is around P135, perfect for a loaded lunch or dinner. But did you know there is still make the meal more sulit as it already is? Netizen Renz Daniel De Vera shared his tipid hacks to further enjoy the favorite Jollibee meals.

8 Feature-Length Films That You Should Watch at the CineFilipino Film Festival 2018

Now in its third year, CineFilipino Film Festival 2018 runs with eight feature-length film finalists headlining the much-awaited festival.

LOOK: House Committee Approves Baybayin As National Writing System

You may need to learn a new writing system because Baybayin is making a comeback as the country's national writing system in a House committee approved bill.

New Generation Currency Coins from BSP Sparks Debate on Social Media

BSP released the new series of coins to be circulated and it seems netizens are not happy about it.

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Miss This Year’s Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival

The Malasimbo magic comes to life once again! Check out everything you need to know right here.

Playback Music Festival Will Definitely Give You A Major Throwback!

Missing your favorite bands? Playback Music Festival will give you the most epic 90's nostalgia with music, games and other fun activities live! 

This Stall Exists Literally For Every Self-confessed Cheese-o-holic!

Are you a self-declared Cheese-o-holic? There is a stall in Maginhawa for you! 

6 Books That Prove These Local Celebrities Are Much More Than Pretty Faces

This time, these beautiful local celebrities worked hard to put ‘author’ on their resume.

8 Of The Cutest 2018 Planners You Can Get In Manila For The Best Year Ever!

They say that failing to plan means planning to fail. Here are the cutest 2018 planners that you can get in Manila!

13 Things You Probably Do During Undas If You’re Filipino

It's more fun in the Philippines during undas. There are definitely Filipino things you do during undas that are unique in our own way.

This Place Lets You Sip Wine While You Paint Your Own Masterpiece

With no painting skills required for entry, anyone can come and enjoy what this concept studio has to offer - all while you sip wine!

These 3 October Festivals Will Make You Experience The Wonders Of Filipino Culture

Filipinos love to celebrate and have a lot to be thankful for throughout the year. They never forget to celebrate through October festivals and fiestas.

LOOK: You Can Plant This Camera Made Out Of Paper!

With the advancement of technology we have now, everything can happen. There are tons of new inventions…like a paper camera that you can plant.

These Creatures Are Sure To Spook Filipinos Out!

Think werewolves and vampires are scary? Guess again. Here are the top 10 scariest Philippine creatures that we are absolutely terrified of!

Don’t Miss These Upcoming Korean Concerts And Fan Meetings In Manila!

More and more Filipino fans are buying tickets to Korean idols' fan meets and concerts, so here's a list of upcoming K-related events for you!

This Italian Restaurant Has The Best Swiss Cheese Fondue In Paranaque

Kehl's Swiss Italian Resto will make you dip and dip into their melted Swiss cheese fondue. They have the best and authentic Italian sausages to feast on,

See Some Of Europe’s Best Films For FREE In This Year’s Cine Europa!

Cine Europa Film Festival will once again be bringing over two dozen films from 16 European countries to Philippine shores this September.