Oakley Releases Newest ARO Series Helmets and Eyeglasses for Cycling

From it being too tight, too loose, no eyewear compartment, or even too enclosed -- the list goes on and it can get very frustrating. Enter the Oakley ARO Series.

This Food Park in Pasay Combines Quality Food and Virtual Reality Entertainment

Located at the Upper Ground Floor City of Dreams Manila, The Garage: VR Zone and Food Park is a food park concept complete with the welcoming ambiance and a wide array of great food providers.

Score the Best Local and International Travel Deals at Smart Travel Sale Fair 2018!

If you’re already planning your trips for the Holidays and early 2019, and you want to get awesome deals, Smart Travel Sale Fair 2018 is the perfect opportunity for you.

PSA: El Nido Now Prohibits Plastics in Both Island and Boat Tours

Boracay is in the process of rehabilitation (that will be due on October), Sumilon Island in Cebu limited the tour dates on the island and scheduled regular rehabilitation days.El Nido, Palawan is following their footsteps. If you’re planning on visiting El Nido on your next trip, prepare packed food and leave no trace behind.

This Upcoming Floating Cinema in Pampanga Lets You Watch Your Favorite Movies on a Lake

Cinemas are usually dim (to almost pitch-black rooms) with humongous screens and powerful sound systems, but this upcoming floating cinema in Pampanga steps up the game.

5 Historical Places You Need to Visit This National History Month

The National History Month is in full swing and Agoda shares five destinations where you can get a lesson in Philippine culture and history –minus the boring professor! You can hit two birds with one stone: You can enjoy a field trip, and you also learn about the country's history.

Sale Alert: Score Affordable Deals on these Airline Seat Sales for Your Next Vacay Travels

Traveling doesn't have to be too expensive if you know how to score low-cost but quality accommodation and if you know when to look out for airline seat sales.Trying to book affordable flights for your travels from September onwards? Look no further!

This Break Room in Mandaluyong Lets You Release Your Anger No-Holds-Barred

We cope up with our stress and anger in our own ways. Sometimes, you even might want to break things and destroy everything in your sight. You can all break things all you want in this new break room in Mandaluyong.

These Insta-Worthy Themed Rooms in Tagaytay Will Be Your Next Staycation Destination

What if you could spend a delightful stay at home in this Instagrammble Airbnb place in the chilly part of Cavite? Take your cozy weekend relaxation at Nordic Homes Tagaytay.

PSA: Japan Eases Visa Application Requirements for Filipino Travelers Starting August

Good news, travelers! Traveling to Japan is now easier, thanks to relaxed entry requirements for visa applications. The Japanese Embassy announced easier Japanese visa requirements for Filipinos starting August.

10 Underrated Spots in Visayas That Should be on Your Bucket List

Visayas is not only home to diverse cultures of different regions, it’s also filled with scenic views, beautiful sites, and exhilarating spots that will make your jaws drop in awe. Here are 10 underrated spots in Visayas perfect for explorers.

10 Worthwhile Activities in Metro Manila You Can Do for Free

Going out for fun doesn't have to be too expensive. If you're bored in your house and would like to spice things up during your free time, but don't want to spend so much, we gotchu fam! You won't run out of free things to do in Metro Manila! Here are 10 free Metro Manila activities you can do in your free time.

This New Ride-Sharing App Lets You Book Rides via SMS

Enter HYPE, a new TNVS that recently launched in Metro Manila last July 3. It's a newly-formed local company offering the service that could be booked via SMS. It also features an SOS button in case of emergency during your ride.

Witness a Sea of Clouds Under P600 at Treasure Mountain in Tanay, Rizal

Witnessing a sea of clouds must be in every traveler's bucket list. You won't have to go as far as Mt. Pulag just to see this beautiful scenery. Treasure Mountain in Tanay, Rizal got it for you.

You Have to Check Out the Untapped Beauty of the  ‘Boracay of the South’

Dubbed as the “Boracay of the South,” Gumasa Beach offers the same beautiful shoreline, fine white powdery sands, and pristine turquoise waters, complete with a picturesque backdrop. Its long crescent beach stretches six kilometers on Sarangani’s eastern shore.

This Opening Bali-inspired Resort is Nueva Ecija’s ‘Bali of the North’

The trip to Bali is just hours away in this opening Highland Bali Villas Resort and Spa in Nueva Ecija! Here's a look at the resort!

6 Day Trip Destinations You Can Visit in Tanay, Rizal All Under P1,000

Tanay, Rizal is famous for various natural, spiritual, and historical wonders. Did you know you can explore several Tanay destinations in less than P1,000?

10 Budget-Friendly Weekend Trip Spots Near Metro Manila Under P1,000

Why make your wallet suffer if you can travel a lot of places all under P1,000? You can travel to these places in your free time on weekends. Here are 10 budget-friendly weekend trip spots near Metro Manila you can go to in under P1,000.

PSA: New Korean Travel Visa Application Only Through Accredited Travel Agencies Starting July 1

If you're still planning your next visit to South Korea, you will need to apply for your Korean visa via accredited travel agencies starting July 1.

11 International Places You Can Find When You Visit Cebu

Did you know you can tour around the world without actually leaving the Queen City of the South? No need to own a passport to visit these gorgeous places! Here are 11 international Cebu places you should put on your bucket list: