Sitting at the heart of the famous food strip Maginhawa Street in Teacher’s Village in Quezon City is the recently-opened Black Scoop Café.

At first glance, it’s just an ordinary store with a cemented storefront and parking lot. If you’re traversing Maginhawa, its façade isn’t as flashy compared to other establishments along the lively strip. But as soon as you enter the café you’ll certainly feel the homey, cozy vibe you ultimately get from international coffee shops in Manila.

Black Scoop Cafe

Welcoming and cozy ambiance

It’s easy to feel at home at Black Scoop Café. You might even mistake the café to be a co-working space for its modern industrial and minimalistic design using bricks, hardwood for tables, and simplistic metal chairs. Heck, there’s a long hardwood table that screams banquet and even looks like those dining hall tables at Hogwarts! You have eight cozy blue chairs and some padded chairs against the walls for a cozy chat with your friends. You’ll also notice the large LED logo of the café and other intricate designs around the shop, perfect for your Insta-worthy pictures.

The 200 square-meter cafe can cater up to 200 people all at once. You don’t even have to worry about getting a seat. Aside from the air-conditioned area, they have a wide, open area for events and for those who like to feel the fresh air as they enjoy their coffee with their friends. There’s also a space on the second floor for events, too.

Eat and drink what you want

From the classic coffee shop favorites to interesting soft-serve flavors, Black Scoop Café has it for you. But ultimately, they take pride in their delectable ice cream soft-serves that can be savored solo or can be a topping of your favorite drinks.

Savor their delectable artisan ice cream in three flavors: Mascarpone, Milk Tea, and their newest flavor, Matcha. You won’t have to worry because you can avail them as Plain (P80), Classic (P95, one topping), and Supreme (P125, with one topping of choice and crunches).

Activated Charcoal Black Mascarpone is no ordinary soft-serve. It’s a great dessert for those who like not-too-sweet desserts. It has everything you love about ice cream but it balances the powerful sweet taste with a hint of saltiness. The sweet taste doesn’t stick too much to your throat which is a good thing, and it perfectly balances anything you combine with it.

Insider tip: Whether you want it plain or supreme, you won’t regret it with Mascarpone. Try experimenting by replacing the whipped cream (just add P20) from your frappe. I tried it with my coffee jelly frappe and it worked wonders!

Of course, you won’t be disappointed with their Milk Tea-flavored ice cream too. The owners behind the local milk tea giant Infinitea Louie Cheng Sy and Edison Uy are also the minds behind this new café. The Milk Tea Ice cream comes in four options: Chocolate, Caramel, Wintermelon, and Okinawa. It’s best enjoyed with the black tapioca pearls.

Their new Matcha ice cream is not as sweet as the others, given that it’s a green tea ice cream. It is an interesting take on matcha, however, it leaves a bit of a bitter aftertaste on the first few spoons. This flavor is perfect for those who love a cool, refreshing dessert but do not really like sweet ice cream.

Aside from their artisan soft-serves, you should they also have classic milk-teas, fruit teas, and coffee and chocolate drinks. Black Scoop Cafe’s Wintermelon Cream Cheese Latte (P90) and their Cocoa Cream Cheese Latte (P100) are heaven-sent drinks, especially for cheese lovers. Anyone who has tasted their cream cheese drinks will say that the drink is pure bliss.


Along with the wide variety of drinks come the delicious meals as well. They offer various dishes for solo and group diners. Starting from breakfast meals, down to desserts, snacks, and sandwiches, they got them all. You won’t even think of going out because they have what you need (food, drinks, outlets, restroom) except for WiFi.

The best part of it all, most of their offerings are very affordable. You don’t even have to empty your pockets for tasty food and great drinks.

More of Black Scoop Café soon

If you’re living in the South and other parts of the Metro, don’t worry. There are newly opened and upcoming branches of Black Scoop Café later this year until early 2019. Five stores are opening this year and the others will open next year. Plus, they are also selling merchandise and coffee beans in each store.

Insider Scoop: Once the other branches are open, they will have a loyalty card reward system for their customers.

Black Scoop Café likes to take it to a higher level. We’d love to tell you more, but it’s best to see it for yourselves and try their best-sellers.


Which soft-serve in Black Scoop Café is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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