One of the country’s culinary wonders lies at the heart of Manila.

The buzzing and lively streets of Binondo take you on a quick trip to China with their savory and mouth-watering dishes. Binondo, the “World’s Oldest ChinaTown,” dates back to 1594, where most Chinese immigrants have inhabited in Manila.

Today, Binondo is the home of Chinese cuisine in the country and you can’t say you’re a real foodie if you haven’t tasted the great dishes in this historic neighborhood. The district is a top destination for foodies who wanted to explore and taste the best-selling dishes Binondo has to offer.

We gathered a good number of must-try restaurants with savory dishes in no particular order. Here are 10 must-try restaurants in Binondo for your Binondo food crawl:

1. Delicious Restaurant

Location: 580 F. Torres Corner Gonzalo Puyat St., Sta. Cruz, Manila

Known as a restaurant that boasts their very affordable dishes, Delicious Restaurant lives up to their name with their Chinese dishes like Machang, Chami, and Pancit Canton. Check out their Pulutan menu that includes Stuffed Shrimp (P55), Goyong (P80), and their Lechon Kawali. The restaurant is frequented by patrons and foodies with their budget-friendly prices, so be prepared to possibly wait for tables.

2. Dong Bei Dumplings

Location: 642 Yuchengco Street, Binondo, Manila

Who doesn’t love dumplings? Savor a platter full of your favorite dumplings at Dong Bei Dumplings shop in Binondo. This is the Chinese-owned restaurant is a great stop for budgeted food trips because every platter of their best-sellers is only sold at P120. The handmade Northern style dumplings are made fresh every day and you can even watch their staff roll it in front of your eyes. One of their must-tries is their Kuchay Pork Dumplings (P120) which is best dipped in a mixture of vinegar, soy sauce, and garlic sauce.

You won’t have to wait for a few minutes to try their fried Chinese Pancakes since they prepare and cook them at an incredible speed. It is usually stuffed with minced pork and kuchay which is cut into quarters.

If you’re coming with a large group, you might not get a table, especially during peak hours. A lot of restaurants in the area are relatively old and small. It is best to drop by on off-peak hours.

Insider tip: This place is perfect to kick off your Binondo food trip.

3. Ho-land Hopia & Bakery

Location: 551 Yuchengco St., Binondo, Manila

Craving for Chinese merienda? Whether it’s tikoy, machang, or hopia, Ho-land Hopia & Bakery got it for you. This bakery offers their best-selling mango hopia and your other favorite Chinese delicacies on their menu. The bakery promises a classic take on your favorite Ho-land hopiang mongo (P45), a not-too-sweet creamy mung bean paste stuffed in a dough.  All the orders are for takeouts, so you can go get your orders immediately. It’s really a great food on picnics and family eat outs.

4. New Po Heng Lumpia House

Location: 531 Uysubin Building, Quintin Paredes St., Binondo, Manila

The bright pink Uysubin Building is hard to miss, especially when you know that this building is also the home of the tasty lumpia and misua guisado. New Po Heng is the go-to eatery of the best Chinese style lumpia filled with ingredients like tofu, cabbage, carrots, lettuce, cilantro, ground peanuts, and a little bit of seaweed rolled in a thin lumpia wrapper. This little canteen-like shop serves their all-time favorite lumpia for P50 which is large enough where two persons can even share.

5. Ongpin Mañosa

Location: 926 Ongpin St., Binondo, Manila

Even though Ongpin Mañosa is an old small-time carinderia, it has been around for years serving delicious meals such as Machang (P100), a brown glutinous rice meal stuffed with pork and shiitake mushroom, and then wrapped in bamboo leaves for hours. Machang is comparable in Spanish paellas, and it is similarly wrapped like a triangular Japanese onigiri (rice ball with seaweed). You can pair this with peanut sauce and hot sauce, although you can also explore its taste with catsup and hot sauce as well.

6. Quik Snack

Location: Carvajal St., Binondo, Manila

Found in an unnoticeable alleyway, Quik-Snack thrives as one of the longest-running restaurants in Binondo. Even if they are packed during lunch hours, a lot of people still want to eat since they offer affordable authentic Chinese food in the area. They serve Kuchay Ah (P45) which is a Chinese take of bread filled with meat and other ingredients. At first glance, you’ll think that it’s an empanada. Their Sate Beef Chami (P140) made of noodles, beef, and vegetables.

7. Sincerity Cafe

Location: 497 E.T. Yuchengco St.,  Binondo, Manila

A homey vibe welcomes you at Sincerity Cafe where locals hang out when they are craving for their favorite fried chicken. Their famed Sincerity’s Fried Chicken (P160-half; P320-whole) has crispy skin but tender and juicy meat seasoned with oriental herbs and spices. You can also enjoy their Kikiam (P55-piece) drizzled with their brown sauce for an enhanced flavor. Their Oyster Cake (P200-small; P250-big) is also a must-try too. It’s a fried pancake-style mixture of bean sprouts, rice flour, egg, some vegetables, and medium-sized oysters.

8. Shanghai Fried Siopao

Location: Sabino Padilla St.,  Sta. Cruz, Manila

One of the go-to snacks in the country is siopao. It has a fluffy bun and a delightful filling of Asado or Bola-Bola that can be a good merienda in the afternoon. In Shanghai Fried Siopao, they steam the siopao first and then pan-fry the siopao on the bottom, so you get that crunchy toasted texture when you bite into your siopao which is only priced at P18 per piece.

9. The Original Salido Restaurant

Location: 839 Ongpin St., Binondo, Manila

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The Original Salido Restaurant is famous for its tasty and generous servings of pork asado and its special coffee using a vacuum pot brewing technique. Try their Hong Ma Cuapao (P380), slices of pork stuffed inside a cuapao. It is composed of simmered pork in soy sauce and a few vegetables on the side.  Their Chami (P190-small; P280-medium; P380-large) platter is also a must-try too.

10. Wai Ying Fast Food

Location: 810 Benavidez St., Binondo, Manila

Famous for its hakaw platters, Wai Ying Fast Food offers scrumptious Chinese meals that start at only P70. Perfect for groups, families and barkadas can enjoy dining there without spending too much because the restaurant also serves large portions of dishes. You can enjoy their legendary hakaw for P80 that comes with four pieces of the crowd favorite. Rice meals are also great because they serve Lemon Chicken (P150) and the Roast Duck/Asado Fried Rice (P240).

Having an adventurous food trip to the historical streets of Binondo surely will make you realize the taste of China is just located at the center of Manila. You just have to drop by and try out their heirloom recipes.


Which of these must-try restaurants in Binondo is the best? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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