Who says traveling should be expensive? You don’t have to have to bore a hole in your wallet just to tick off your travel bucket list. You can start your travel adventures on nearby beaches in metro manila with just P1,000.

One thing that hinders people to travel is the notion that a lot of money should be dedicated to the travel. After all, if you account the accommodation, food, and travel costs, these may appear overwhelming, especially if you travel with family or large groups.

But fear not! You can even travel and appreciate the natural wonder the Philippines has to offer without spending too much. For starters, you may enjoy a beach getaway with only 1,000 pesos.

Here are nine beaches near the Metro you can visit under P1,000:

1. Anilao Beach (Mabini, Batangas)

One of the nearest diving destinations in Manila is in Anilao Beach in Batangas. Mingle with the marine life on their diving site. You can also do island hopping, snorkeling, beach bumming, and eat and play by the beach.

Budget: P650 (solo, without food allowance)

Travel time from Manila: 4 hours


  • Bus fare (Manila to Batangas Grand Terminal) =P165
  • Jeep fare to Mabini =P60
  • Tricycle fare to resorts=P100
  • *Food (Budget) =P400
  • Tricycle back to Mabini =P100
  • Jeep to Batangas City Grand Terminal=P60
  • Bus fare to Manila =P165

2. Isla Verde (Batangas City, Batangas)

Known as the Center of Biodiversity in the World, Isla Verde is among one of the most favorite places of tourists and marine observers exploring the country. It also has pristine waters and stunning underwater treasures. Pitch your tent so you can save expenses.

Budget: P640 (solo, without food and accommodation allowance)

Travel time from Manila: 4 hours


  • Bus fare (Manila to Batangas Grand Terminal) =P165
  • Jeep fare to city proper =P15
  • Jeep to Tabangao=P40
  • Boat to Isla Verde =P100
  • *Food (Budget) =P400
  • Boat back to Aplaya =P100
  • Jeep to city proper =P40
  • Jeep to Batangas City Grand Terminal =P15
  • Bus fare to Manila =P165

3. Laiya Beach (San Juan, Batangas)

If you want to enjoy the beach complete with amenities, food, and accommodation, Laiya Beach in Batangas is a popular destination. Its cream sand beach and various offered activities will make you go back for more. After all, this is just 3-4 hours away from the Metro.

Budget: P480 (estimated solo, without food allowance)

Travel time from Manila: 3-4 hours


  • Bus fare (Manila to Lipa) =P134
  • Jeep (Lipa to San Juan) =P56
  • Jeep/Tricycle to Laiya =P50
  • Jeep/ Tricycle to San Juan =P50
  • Jeep to Lipa =P56
  • Bus fare (Lipa to Manila) =P134

4. Boracay de Cavite (Ternate, Cavite)

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Looking a quick getaway from the city? Boracay de Cavite might be just for you! Also known as the Marine Base (Katungkulan) Beach Resort, it is a favorite go-to place for weekend vacations, mountaineers, and locals. Although the beach has grayish sand, it is still fine and soft to feet, so you don’t need to worry.

Budget: P776 (estimated per head; it’s better to bring/rent a private car)

Travel time from Manila: 3 hours


  • Bus fare (Coastal Mall to Ternate) =P85
  • *Chartered Jeep (22-seater) =P3,000
  • Entrance fee =P100 per head (day trip); P200 per head (overnight)
  • Cottages (first come, first serve)
  • Bus fare (Ternate to Coastal Mall) =P85

5. Borawan Island (Padre Burgos, Quezon)

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Stay at home or get out here and do something that your future-self will thank you for. For more information, bookings, boat transfer, tent rentals, cottages, hotels and directions contact the following: TIM DALISAY Smart 09083778152 Globe 09772683438 Instagram: @borawanislands www.facebook.com/borawanislands BORAWAN ISLAND ENTRANCE FEE: -Day Tour 150 Pesos (per head) -Overnight 220 Pesos (per head) COTTAGE RATE: -Day Tour 850 Pesos -Overnight 1,250 Pesos -Tent Space 200 Pesos -Tent Rental 300 Pesos DAMPALITAN ISLAND ENTRANCE FEE: -Day Tour 80 Pesos (per head) -Overnight 100 Pesos (per head) COTTAGE RATE: -Large 1000 Pesos -Medium 850 Pesos -Tent Space 200 Pesos -Tent Rental 300 Pesos (This is our price cheaper than what the Island is offering and all of our tents are bought in Canada.) SAND BAR (NO ENTRANCE FEE) OUR RATES AND SERVICES: BOAT TRANSFER AND ISLAND HOPPING FEES: -BORAWAN 800 PESOS GOOD FOR 8 PAX -DAMPALITAN 800 PESOS GOOD FOR 8 PAX -BORAWAN AND DAMPALITAN 1200 PESOS GOOD FOR 8 PAX -BORAWAN, DAMPALITAN, KWEBANG LAMPAS 1800 PESOS GOOD FOR 8 PAX -BORAWAN, DAMPALITAN, KWEBANG LAMPAS, SAND BAR 2500 PESOS GOOD FOR 8 PAX TENT RENTALS 300 PESOS – All our tents are bought in Canada. Waterproof, Heavy Duty and Durable, can stand any weather. #camping #sea #bonfire #gopro #swimming #instagood #sun #climbing #beach #volleyball #sand #family #friends #love #adventure #fun #sand #kwebanglampas #borawan #dampalitanisland #tourist #instadailypictures

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Named after Boracay and Palawan, Borawan showcases its beautiful limestone walls and rock formations aside from its beautiful white sand shoreline. The island also has three stations like Boracay, and limestone walls just like what you can find in Coron and El Nido in Palawan.

The basic amenities are available like Nipa hut cottages you can rent, camping tents, and shower rooms for restroom necessities.

Budget: P886 per head (If you travel with 8 people and rent two separate cottages)

Travel time from Manila:4-5 hours


  • Bus fare (Manila-Lucena) =P228 (From Cubao)
  • Bus fare (Lucena-Padre Burgos) = P35
  • Boat rental (good for 8 pax) =P800 roundtrip; P100/head (if there are people)
  • Entrance Fee = P80
  • *Tent rental =P500 (+Tent pitching fee =P200)
  • *Cottage rental = P700-850
  • Shower use fee =P20
  • Restroom fee =P10
  • Bus fare (Padre Burgos-Lucena) =P35
  • Bus fare (Lucena-Manila) =P228 (to Cubao)
  • *Food (Bring your own)

6. Kwebang Lampas (Pagbilao, Quezon)

With its shimmery and shiny white sand beach, Kwebang Lampas is another great addition to your beach getaway, especially if you’re traveling with your friends or in groups. Enjoy the shade of coconut trees near the shoreline with ready-to-use cottages. You can also swim in the water-filled cave, too.

Budget: P876 (If you have a companion)

Travel time from Manila:4-5 hours


  • Bus fare (Manila-Lucena) =P228 (From Cubao)
  • Bus fare (Lucena-Pagbilao) = P20
  • Tricycle rental to Kwebang Lampas =P300 (group)
  • Entrance Fee = P80
  • Tricycle rental from Kwebang Lampas =P300 (group)
  • Bus fare (Padre Burgos-Pagbilao) =P20
  • Bus fare (Lucena-Manila) =P228 (to Cubao)
  • *Food (Bring your own)


8. Cagbalete Island (Mauban, Quezon)

Aside from what was mentioned above, one of the most popular beaches in the province is Cagbalete Island. The island has a long stretch of white/creamy sand with clear turquoise waters and lush forest. There are resorts built on the island. But if you wanted the raw, cheap, and unique experience in the island, it’s best to bring your own tent.

Budget:P760 per person (without food and accommodation)

Travel time from Manila: 6 hours


  • Bus fare (Manila to Lucena Grand Central Terminal =P210
  • Bus/Van (Terminal to Mauban) =P60-70
  • Boat to Cagbalete Island =P100 per head
  • *Accommodation =P1000 (for 2 pax; overnight)
  • Boat to Cagbalete Island =P100 per head
  • Bus/Van (Mauban to Terminal) =P60-70
  • Bus fare (Terminal to Manila) =P210

9. Liw-Liwa Beach (San Felipe, Zambales)

Borne out of Mt. Pinatubo’s eruption is the village of Liw-Liwa. It emerged as a surfing destination in Zambales. It’s a nearby spot for surfers who cannot go to Aurora, La Union, and Siargao. The beach has a long stretch of gray sand with the mountain range of Zambales as its backdrop.

Budget: P710 per person (bring your own food and tent)

Travel time from Manila: 4 hours


  • Bus fare (Manila to San Felipe) =P325
  • Tricycle to Liw-Liwa =P30 per person
  • *Accommodation (Bring your tent)
  • *Food (bring your own)
  • Tricycle (Liw-Liwa to Hi-way) =P30 per person
  • Bus fare (San Felipe to Manila) =P325

10. Crystal Beach (San Narciso, Zambales)

Another popular surfing spot is Crystal Beach in Zambales. Explore the several hectares of gray sand beach with lush aguho trees to complete that beach vibe.

Budget: P290 per person (without food and accommodation allowance)

Travel time from Manila: 5 hours


  • Bus fare (Manila to San Narciso) =P280
  • Tricycle to Crystal Beach =P15 per person
  • *Food ( Bring your own)
  • Tricycle to Hi-Way =P15 per person
  • Bus fare (San Narciso to Manila) =P280

Traveling doesn’t have to be too expensive. You can still explore a lot of places (and beaches) in the country without spending too much.


Which of these beaches is on your bucket list? Let us know in the comments!


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