8 Exciting Activities You Can Do in La Union For Your Barkada Outing

Aside from enjoying the beach and riding the waves, there are a lot of activities you can do when you travel up the North in La Union.

If you’re thinking to have a quick getaway from the busy city life for the long weekend or the holiday, the laid-back province of La Union may come to mind. Aside from its pristine beaches and large waves perfect for surfing, La Union also offers a wide variety of restaurants and affordable accommodations that fit to even a backpacker’s budget.

First-time La Union travelers can look forward to the other exciting activities to enjoy in this gorgeous province.

1. Witness the beauty of Tangadan Falls

One for Manila please.

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You can try to trek to Tangadan Falls in San Gabriel and enjoy splashing yourself with cold water if you don’t prefer the beach.  There are two adventurous ways to go here. You may take the shorter route to the cascades or take a more adventurous route and take a wooden cable car. The longer route with the cable car lets you enjoy the scenic view of the lush forest and river. Just pay for P20 and it will take you to the site for cliff jumping.

You may swim at the foot of the falls, but you may rent a bamboo raft if you don’t want to swim all the way.

Insider tip: Go in groups because the tour guide fee is P500 per group. More members lessen the costs. If you wanted to minimize your expenses further, you may ride the jeepney to San Gabriel for P16, then ride the tricycle at the start of the trail for only P30. This saves you more money for food and pasalubong.

2. Walk on the brink of Luna Pebble Beach

Known as the “Pebble Capital of the North,” the town of Luna in La Union flaunts its thriving pebble industry. You can see multicolored pebbles in the landscape of the coastline facing the West Philippine Sea. Pay a visit to the rebuilt Baluarte Watch Tower and the Bahay na Bato, a rest house built from stone and rocks.

3. Drop by at Ma-Cho Temple

Ma-Cho temple from Wikimedia commons

Overlooking the San Fernando City, there sits a Taoist temple on a hill 70 feet above sea level called Ma-Cho Temple. The temple is open to people of all religions who visit to admire the architecture and view of the structure built by the community’s Chinese community. This place is dedicated to goddess of the sea, Ma-Cho.

4. Travel to Greece at Thunderbird Resort

Thunderbird Resort Poro Point

You won’t have to get a passport and fly over to Europe just to see a glimpse of Greece. One place you can go to give that Santorini feels is at Thunderbird Resort at Poro Point. Enjoy La Union the Greek way with its well-known Mediterranean architecture, world-class service and amenities.

Situated at the cliff overlooking the beach facing the South China Sea, enjoy the luxurious stay at this resort. They also have a 9-hole golf course and even a casino where you can play games like slot machines, roulette tables, and game tables.

5. Appreciate arts and culture at La Union Culture and Arts Gallery

The La Union Culture and Arts Gallery features homegrown talents of the province. Locally known as Silid ti Adal Ken Laing ti La Union Gallery, the place is the venue of various workshops. Learn more about the culture of La Union with the various artworks displayed.

6. Experience grape-picking

Grapes are tasty fruits that gives you a good number of nutrients. What if you can pick them out yourself? In La Union, you can go to pick grapes yourself in Lomboy Farms in the area of Bauang. The 20-hectare farm grows over 50 kinds of grapes you can harvest. There’s also Gapuz Grape Farms nearby for vineyard tours and a pick-and-pay package.

7. Check out the Honeybee Center

La Union Honeybee Center

If you wanted to cut down on sugar but don’t want to let go of the sweet taste, try honey. Encounter honeybees in La Union’s Honeybee Center and know where you get that honey and how it was harvested. You will learn about beekeeping on their brief orientation. You can even try to taste raw honey straight from the comb!

La Union has a lot to offer aside from their famous beaches. Are you ready to get your bags and start the adventure?


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8 Exciting Activities You Can Do in La Union For Your Barkada Outing

Aside from enjoying the beach and riding the waves, there are a lot of La Union activities you can do when you travel up the North.

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