Eat Like A Pharaoh serves royal levels of Egyptian cuisine that your wallet will thank you for.

Just when we thought we’ve tasted everything in Makati, here comes a resto serving legit Egyptian dishes we’ve never heard of!

Here are some crowd favorites:


Let’s start with appetizer, the Mediterranean way. Ask the staff for the soup of the day. They will be too glad to name it, complete with full details. It’s always fresh and yummy. The small serving costs P69. The bigger one is just P109. It comes with garlic bread.

Shish Taouk (P189)

Shish taouk dish with rice and vegetables sautéed #eatlikeapharaoh

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This is marinated grilled chicken with sautéed vegetables. The chicken perfectly complements the unique taste of the rice. Their rice is soft, smooth, and flavorful. It’s a pity they can’t reveal the herbs and spices that made it this good. The consolation is, all of the main dishes here are served with this rice. This dish also has eggplant salad, bread, and homemade hummus.

Egyptian Kofta (P189)

This is a personal favorite! In case you haven’t heard, kofta is a kind of meatloaf. This one’s made of grilled spiced ground beef that is cooked to perfection. It comes with a special tahini sauce which is made from sesame. Trust us, this kofta is tender and tasty.

Chicken Alfredo (P159)

We know this isn’t so Egyptian or even Mediterranean. But hey, we’re sure this deserves the mention! There are a lot of pasta places in Manila. But foodies don’t care and still go all the way here just for their creamy Chicken Alfredo. The serving looks small here but it’s actually satisfying enough.

Penne Dawood Pasha (P159)

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This is Eat Like A Pharaoh’s take on our favorite pasta. The spiced beef here is the bomb! This pasta’s base is the combination of fresh tomato sauce and honey mustard. Who would have thought they can be perfect together? This combination has a distinct taste that will keep you coming back. This is already good for sharing unless you’re too hungry to share.

Turkish Coffee (P69)

Your coffeeholic self won’t be disappointed by Eat Like A Pharaoh’s Turkish coffee. It’s authentic and absolutely a must-try. Served in a small cup, the unique bittersweet taste will make you question what took it so long to reach the Philippines!

Eat Like A Pharaoh is located at 8022 Tanguile Street, San Antonio, Makati City.


What are you waiting for? Tag your food buddies below and eat like a pharaoh!

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