Inspired by farmers’ markets in Barcelona, Melbourne, and Copenhagen, The Corner Market is the newest food hall for your daily meals. The 1,200-square meter indoor food hub for sure won’t make you say “Saan tayo kakain?”

With 17 food stalls to choose from, The Corner Market is your one-stop shop for a cozy ambiance and tasty food, with a capacity to accommodate 450 diners.


Stockwell Cafe

If you’re craving for your daily dose of a good cuppa joe, you can get the coffee of your choice from Stockwell. From a cozy, industrial-designed shop in Tomas Morato, Stockwell Cafe offers their express coffee in the new food hall in Corner Market.

President Sherwin Choy recommends their alternative brewing techniques like Aero Press, Flat Bottom, and Cold Brew. Choose from six coffee bean variants from local and foreign countries. Check out beans from Benguet, Kapatagan, Matutum, as well as Columbia, Guatemala, and Brazil.

Matutum beans give you a chocolatey taste and texture, while the Benguet gives you a combination of vanilla-tamarind taste,  according to Choy. And foreigners usually love the aroma of the local beans.

Hack: Try their hot Mocha (P120) along with their burgers, pasta, and pizza. They are also currently developing alcohol-infused drinks like Espresso Martini to serve on their menu.


Showcasing approachable and affordable farm produce, Gusto! delivers farm-to-fork fruits and vegetables all from their family-run farm in Rizal. Striving for naturally-grown food has been pricey, but you can eat cleaner and healthier food at Gusto! at a lower price. You can order a variety of salads, soups, and shakes for a tasty treat.

There is seasonal produce displayed in their pantry. Choose from avocado, turnips, turmeric, even orchids and succulent plants. You can also order adlai from Mindanao, vermicelli, or soba.

Hack: Taste their Lemon Yogurt Bowl (P250) with the great mix of tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, roasted peppers, greens, spiced chickpeas. You can get the adlai as your grain. It has fiber and protein so it’s healthier.

Catch of the Day by Cold Storage

Get the freshest seafood ingredients cooked Dampa -style at Catch of the day by Cold Storage. This store is where you get the finest, export-quality seafood on a supermarket price. From the pioneers of frozen seafood, the company is venturing into the restaurant scene to stir the public away from the stereotypes about seafood —expensive and hard to cook.

Hack: Choose the cooking style from the counter. Their shrimps, salmon, and lobsters are less expensive versus other restaurants offering the same ingredient. You can even shop for frozen seafood to cook in your house too.

Insider tip: The Fish and Chips is best enjoyed without the dip. It just melts in your mouth.

Meat Depot Mini

Fresh from their meat shop/restaurant in BF Homes Paranaque and Banawe Quezon City, Meat Depot opens a smaller version, but with the twist of paluto grill setting. You can get various meat cuts including tapa, chorizo, and longganisa from their large freezers. Various meat types are prepared from the low, mid, and high-end meats.

You get the meat for its meat shop price with just an additional P100 cooking fee. You may also request if you’d like it well-done, medium, medium rare, or rare. The meat is grilled on the spot, so you know that you get the food fresh.

Hack: Try their Angus Beef T-bone with Mashed potato on the side. You can also order meat wholesale from them too or just shop for a takeout if you wanted to cook the meat yourself.

Easy, Tiger

Love Thai food? Satisfy your cravings with Easy, Tiger’s offerings! The stall is divided into four sections—milk tea, salad, noodle, grill section. Try their Green Papaya Salad, a classic Thai dish you can see all over Thailand. Taste the Sate Bacon Belly along with the noodle favorites, Noodle Soup and Pad Thai.

The rugged, street look of the stall also gives a welcoming street vibe of Thailand. Owner AL Purugganan recommends Grilled Thai Sausage, for those who like a spicier flavor with that hint of ginger.

Hack: Once you buy your Pad Thai, get put four things—vinegar with chili, patis, a little bit of sugar, chili powder, to achieve the authentic Thai flavor. Don’t forget to ask for a condiments tray and add according to your taste.


Feast on Birdhouse’s famous Honey Butter Fried Chicken Sandwich to satiate your hungry tummies! With its mission to “create something new out of a well-loved dish,” the chicken store serves freshly-made fried chicken with a number of variants to choose from. You can enjoy the large servings of fried chicken seasoned with their secret batter recipe.

Hack: Try their new chicken wings: K-bomb, Cheese and Caramel Popcorn, Roasted Garlic Parmesan, Pepper Cream, Smokehouse Barbecue.

The Rabbit Hole

The Rabbit Hole was exploring new areas from their home cafe in Makati City so they opened this branch in The Corner Market. Their Brazo de Mercedes is not your usual rolled cake, but a soft foamy cylinder topped with mouth-watering caramel. Have a taste of the fluffy cake with the sweet flavor of the custard that just slowly settles in your mouth. Try their Ube Frozen Brazo de Mercedes variation, too!

Hack: For those who want to eat cake guilt-free, you can enjoy their Keto cakes like Keto Brazo de Mercedes as well. They use Keto-approved ingredients so you can enjoy your favorite cake without really being too cautious of the sugar.

Inari by Hamaru

From the tradition of offering Shinto god of fertility, agriculture, and foxes, Inari by Hamaru serves traditional Inari sushi and other Japanese food choices with a modern twist. This Japanese food staple is made with stuffed sushi rice in deep-fried tofu pockets perfect for office workers that are always on-the-go.

I recommend their Salmon Submarine, a combination of a sweet and salty taste of buttery salmon topped with finely chopped onions dressed with Japanese mayonnaise. If you’re into grilled food, have a Kushiyaki (skewers) for only P25 per stick. You can enjoy a refreshing Matcha slushie, too.

Hack: Eat your pockets from the side, not from the top. This way, you can savor most of the ingredients when you take a bite.

Sundays by Merry Moo

Among other stores in Corner Market, Sundays by Merry Moo is easily going to be your insta-worthy store. While Merry Moo is found in some supermarkets, the bonus is they offer soft-serve ice creams here. Taste their Black Sesame Oreo and Earl Grey ice cream along with their Butter Polvoron soft-serve made of ingredients fresh from local farms in Luzon.

Hack: Enjoy the ice cream better with level up cones! You can choose from these variants: Green Tea, Coconut, Black Sesame, Sweet Corn, and Ube.

Insider tip: You can always ask for a free taste ice cream from their staff if you have no idea what flavor to choose yet.

Barcelon de Calderon

While Filipino cuisine is heavily influenced by the Spanish culture, there are a lot of differences with how the Spanish cook the same dishes. And when you’re craving for that authentic European taste, this small branch of Spanish restaurant Calderon has got your back! Sip your dose of sangria and savor the tapas and their best-selling paella.

Hack: You can get the delectable Valenciana for only P150. They are serving large portions so you get your money’s worth. Their chef Pablo Escudero said they are also releasing their own chorizo, so watch out for that!

El Chupacabra

As one of the pioneers of the street taco and burrito trend in the country, La Taqueria del Chupacabra fuses classic Mexican dishes with local flavor. You can choose from three variants of their classic burritos: Regular, San Diego, and Chimichanga (deep fried burrito). You can also enjoy their fajitas, quesadillas, and nachos for your snacks.

Hack: Always remember to ask for the homemade atomic salsa once you buy their street tacos to get the best taste!

Little Kaya

Of course, you shouldn’t miss the Korean food among the roster of stores at The Corner Market. The  Dolsot Bibimbap is easily the favorite dish in Kaya, with its tasty meat and variety of side dishes. The resto’s Beef Stew is also a must-try for first-time customers.

Hack: You get a complimentary side dish with your orders at Kaya. It’s best to mix your Dolsot Bibimbap and add a little bit of kimchi. You’re welcome.

Ca Phe Saigon

Take a trip to Vietnam and feel like a local in Ca Phe Saigon’s heirloom Vietnamese recipes. One dish you should definitely try is their Pho bowl. You can also handpick your own leaves in their vertical basil garden.

The Marikina-based neighborhood restaurant is at The Corner Market serving large portions of the classic Vietnam favorite Pho Bo Kho. The meaty noodle soup is made with beef bones and meat boiled with eight different herbs for eight hours. You can also try Goi Con, a bite-size fresh vegetable lumpia in rice wrapper if you’re looking for on-the-go meals.

Hack: If we have the Mami-Siopao combination, Vietnam has their Banhmi-Pho duo. You can enjoy organic guilt-free Viet food for as low as P200 for Pho Bo Kho.

To date, there are 15 stores open in the food hall while two others, Pizza Morena and Sari-Salo, are opening soon. The Corner Market is located at 2/F The Podium, 12 ADB Avenue, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City. They are open Monday to Thursday at 11 am to 10 pm, and on Friday to Sunday at 10 am until 10 pm.



What do you think of this indoor market concept? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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