WATCH: Locals Share Plight in Jason Magbanua’s Latest Boracay Video

Famed wedding and events videographer Jason Magbanua recently posted a video featuring interviews with Boracay locals sharing their dilemmas about the future of the island, and their future, once Boracay is shut down for rehabilitation.

When the government announced they are shutting down Boracay for rehabilitation, the public voiced polarized opinions. Many people on social media posted in agreement to the temporary closure order. They supported the idea mainly because of the deteriorating state of Boracay, stemming from the piling problems that come with the millions of tourists visiting each year.

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While Boracay’s beauty is hailed throughout the globe, the natural wonder cannot sustain the overload of travelers swarming the island all-year-round. Environmental risks are at the center of it all. Poor waste management, island degradation, and overcrowding, which are the consequences of decade-old problems one after the other.

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Others who are supportive of the rehabilitation idea says it should be done without sacrificing the island’s tourism. Many suggested that the government should just make the rehabilitation phase by phase to maintain the livelihood of the locals.

On the day President Rodrigo Duterte announced Boracay’s closure for six months, renowned videographer Jason Magbanua uploaded a video titled Save Boracay. Using his Facebook page as a platform for his appeal, Magbanua revealed how Duterte’s abrupt decision affected the people at “ground level.”

Magbanua already had this video idea early February, according to his post. He couldn’t get it out of his head when he saw a friend’s post about the possibility of Boracay’s closure. “Close it. Just close the damn island,” the post read.

In his post, he shares that he felt “unnerved” by the other post’s “callousness and ignorance.”

“I’ve made many friends who live in Boracay over the years and I felt that they had the weakest voice in this conversation,” he said.

His eight-minute video featured various people from different professions telling stories about what they will be facing once the island closes. In the video, locals asked for the government’s assistance to alleviate the problems in the island, but they never aimed for its complete closure.

The shutdown is still a go

Despite efforts of appeal, the decision to close the island is official. Boracay is really closing its doors for six months starting April 26. A whopping P56 billion is the projected loss revenue upon the island’s closure. Meanwhile, an estimate of 36,000 people might lose their livelihood and jobs during the island’s recuperation.

The government released their guidelines on crowd control after Boracay’s official closing. Effective April 26, only Boracay residents are allowed for six months on the island.

Identified tourists are not allowed on the island and will be stopped at the Jetty Port. The residents and workers are required to provide a proof of residence using their official IDs to enter and leave Boracay. Lastly, no swimmers can go to the beach within the closure period.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources said they are not afraid to face raps from businesses and establishments in Boracay. The six-month rehabilitation is set to resolve five major problems the island is facing.

What are your thoughts on Boracay’s impending rehabilitation? Share them with us in the comments below!

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WATCH: Locals Share Plight in Jason Magbanua’s Latest Boracay Video

Famed videographer Jason Magbanua recently posted a video featuring interviews with the Boracay locals sharing the plight they will be facing once the island is shut down for rehabilitation.

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