6 'Witness' Katy Perry Songs You Should Listen To If You're on #TeamBahay Katy Cat

Katy Perry continues the Asian leg of her “Witness: The Tour” concert later tonight at Mall of Asia.

Last 2012, Katy Perry was in Manila for a concert and even kissed actor Ivan Dorschner on stage. All of the Katy Cats were of course jealous, and at the same time, kilig because of the scene.

Get to “witness” what she will do later at her concert, only if you can afford to attend. But don’t worry! Even if you’re a #TeamBahay Katy Cat, we’ve got you covered!

We rounded up some of Katy Perry’s best songs that you can listen to, to satisfy your fangirl moments even at home.

1. “Witness”

In the opening track of her album, we get to witness Katy Perry’s shift from her colorful poppy tune to electro-filled music.

It seems this is also a tune for Katy’s liberation from her previous relationship with Orlando Bloom, but what do we know? All we know is Katy’s looking for “someone who speaks her language.”

2. “Chained to the Rhythm”

As previously told by Katy Perry herself, her new album revolves around liberation and its sense. One thing you can really observe in this song is its on-point discussion of people being “chained” to the status quo, and the music video clearly displays a great representation of Katy’s progressive ideas.

3. “Roulette”

This song is a great feel-good jam you can play while traversing the horrendous traffic in Metro Manila. With the catchy synth and Katy’s vocals, “Roulette” is an instant shoo-in to your playlist.

4. “Deja Vu”

Katy’s vocals in this song are the most prominent. Her beat’s shift to electro-pop makes for a chill club vibe. You won’t regret getting this song “running on a loop” on your playlist.

5. “Swish Swish”

Ready your pumps and sneakers for this electro-pop music perfect for a cool night out on the town. Never mind the lyrics, you have to admit that this song is easily a bop. With the classic rap of Nicky Minaj, the song is ready to get you on your feet and dance.

6. “Hey Hey Hey”

Going back to the Victorian era of corsets and towering curled wigs, Katy shifts from being a damsel trapped in a poor relationship with a rich powerful man, to a Joan of Arc who will save you at the end of the day.

Which song do you think is the best? Let us know in the comments below!

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6 ‘Witness’ Katy Perry Songs You Should Listen To If You’re on #TeamBahay Katy Cat

Katy Perry continues her Asian leg of her "Witness: The Tour" concert later tonight at Mall of Asia. We rounded up some of Katy Perry's best songs you can listen to satisfy your fangirl moments even at home.

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