Yellow Cab's Chicken Drum & Thigh Is Our Newest Addiction

Yellow Cab’s upgrade of Wings to Chicken Drum & Thigh will complete your pizza parties!

Juicy chicken wings paired with mayo dip, barbecue sauce, gravy, or just savored in their pure fried glory… aahhh, foodie heaven!

Yellow Cab recently stepped up its game to complete the pizza-and-chicken combos. Non-wing lovers can also enjoy the taste of their chicken for bigger sizes.The pizza company now serves Drum & Thigh, a combination of chicken drumsticks and thigh with six different flavors.

Choose from six flavors of your favorite chicken

If you love some buttery chicken with minimal flavors, with the right amount of cheese, go for their Garlic Parmesan. You can pair this with an ice-cold beer, perfect for chill-numan.

Salt & Pepper, meanwhile, is a good balance of saltiness and spice. If you prefer the classic fried chicken, this one is for you.

Do you like your chicken saucy? Savor the sweet delight of NY BBQ and the teriyaki-like taste of Korean BBQ. Pairing these with Italian Red Rice is perfect.

Spice lovers can rejoice about the Hot Chix and Sriracha flavors. Hot Chix is coated with spice powder absorbed by the skin, so the spice really rests in your mouth. If you prefer a milder taste of spiciness, with hints of sweet and sour flavor, try Sriracha. You can pair these with Baked Potato Wedges or just eat them a la carte if you’re feeling adventurous.

Drum & Thigh starts at P189 for the a la carte meal and P239 for two pieces with Italian Red Rice or Baked Potato Wedges.

For groups and barkadas, they have Boom Bundles. You can order three orders of Drum & Thigh (with Baked Potato Wedges or Italian Rice) with a 1.5L soft drink for P789. If you wanted to order 10″ Classic Pizza, 1 Large Pasta, and 2 orders of Drum & Thigh, you can get them for P999.

Boom bundles are valid until March 31 for dine in, take out, and delivery in all their brancheexcept Brent, MOA Arena, Kidzania, and Camaya branches.

Pro-tip: Finish it off with the ice cream! Try their Vanilla Bean, Dark Chocolate, and Strawberry.

Pizza parties are now complete with the fried chicken served in bigger sizes!


Have you tasted Yellow Cab’s newest chicken offering? Share your experience with us in the comments!


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Yellow Cab’s Chicken Drum & Thigh Is Our Newest Addiction

Yellow Cab's upgrade of Wings to Chicken Drum & Thigh will complete our pizza parties! You can choose your favorite flavor from six variants paired with either Italian Red rice and Baked Potato Wedges.

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