9 Aesthetic Tattumundo Temporary Tattoos For Your Artistic Glam

You won’t need to fear pain just to get a tattoo! These Tattumundo temporary tattoos got your back!

Summer is almost here. Everyone’s getting ready by eyeing the coolest beaches and bikinis. Our fashion junkie selves just think the most awesome OOTDs aren’t enough. We all have that exciting feeling of trying something new for our looks.

It looks like nine of the best artists in town are listening. Betsy Cola, Carla Co Chua, Cassykicks, Darlingkink, Jappy Agoncillo, Keeshia Felipe, Paola Jane Esteron, Raxenne Maniquiz and Summer Sia are familiar names for full-time art enthusiasts. As if they’re not yet successful enough, they’re putting another feather on their cap with this artsy business venture.

Here, check it out.

9. Doodle by Summer Sia


This sheet has everything we love doodling whenever we’re bored. It gives a youthful and playful look. Perfect for kids at heart!

8. Flight by Raxenne Maniquiz


For a touch of being artistically mysterious, here’s the ‘Flight’ sheet. We love that it has everything (including that heart) that grows. What comes across the sheet is right. Growing up is beautiful.

7. Fun and Fierce by Cassykicks


This is for the fighter in us that still knows how to have fun. The stress from sleepless nights, elusive dreams and broken hearts can definitely be relieved by these eye candy pieces.

6. Heavenly Bodies by Betsy Cola


We love celebrating our sexuality and this sheet helps. No explanations needed. You know these are not just sexy tattoos but meaningful masterpieces.

5. Love Me by Darlingkink


This got the rebellious touch but why not? We love challenging the status quo anyway. Dress with these tattoos like we really do.

4. Pastels and Calligraphy by Paola Jane Esteron

These cute tattoo pieces are reminders that life is tough and so are we. And oh, it looks like Paola Jane Esteron really knows cats and unicorns can really melt anyone’s heart.

3. Promenade by Carla Co Chua


The simplicity of this sheet is its elegance. It’s okay if no one can give us flowers. We can own and wear them as tattoos anyway. No assumptions and broken hearts in that case. LOL.

2. Sour Bomb by Jappy Agoncillo

This got the YOLO look and we’re totally pleased. We don’t know about you but with these tattoos, it will be much easier to choose fun whenever.

1. Yusss Girl By Keeshia Felipe

Here’s another sheet that has the rebel vibes and we love it, too. It looks like each piece is a warning for those wanting to mess with us. They look chic and girly but totally fierce. Yes, that’s just like us.


Each tattoo sheet costs P225. They normally last for 3-5 days. Here’s how to wear these tattoos according to our favorite celebrities!

Tattumundo tattoos can be purchased online via their website.


  • These tattoos are hypoallergenic so you don’t have to worry about having allergies. Although there might be people allergic to adhesives, just make sure you do a patch test before using the tattoo.
  • Temporary Tattoos last 3-5 days to a week if you take of it carefully.
  • Avoid placing the tattoo on high-friction areas in the body like the ankle and forearm. Avoid putting lotion and other substances too.

Are you ready to put some temporary fun on your skin? Share the experience in the comments below!

Tattoo sheet photos are from Tattumundo’s official website.




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