This Cottage In Laguna Would Make You Spend A Night In The Middle Of A Lake!

Want to wake up in the middle of a lake away from all stress and worries with just the sound of nature and birds surrounding you? In Aquascape Lake Caliraya, it’s possible!

This little getaway place in Laguna was originally built for the personal use of its owner, but he, later on, decided to share its majestic beauty to other people seeking the same comfort.

Photo from their official Facebook page | by Liz Dumdum

For those dreaming of life on a calm water with a beautiful sunrise and sunset view, this floating suite is truly your home away from home. It has complete amenities such as the dining table, mini-bar, tv set, DVD player, kitchen, toilet, and bath. You can even host a party at night since it also has a disco ball and smoke machine.

Worried about the budget? Fret not, ‘coz they also have other types of accommodation depending on the number of pax and whatever suits your funds. If you don’t want to sleep in the middle of the lake, these can be docked by the resort too.

Weekend recap: cruised around the lake in this floating cottage 😌

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It may be a long ride to get there but I swear its oh, so worth it. 💯 Its my first time seeing a "rainforest like" place in Luzon where you can just unwind and feel the breeze taking your soul🌬️ . Perfect for couples, family and large groups.. plus! the caretakers are accomodating and friendly too, even when we didn't bring anything with us to dine with. #AquascapePh #AquascapeCaliraya #TravelPh #wanderlust #photography #Pinas #naturetrip #travelgram #wanderer #photooftheday #photoshoot #villa #lakehouse #sunsets #traveler #kristrsvelnotebook #sunrise #vacation #beshies #photographylife #tigasouthkaba #tarasasouth

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Your stay will be peaceful but will not be as boring as you think it would, ‘coz they also offer a growing number of land activities (electric bike, ATV, buggy car, etc.) and water activities (fish spa, open-air tub, electric motor boat, jet ski, kayak, etc.) you can choose from.

What makes this place more interesting is that they allow you to bring your pets with you and they use solar power to make sure there won’t be any electric disruptions. Who wouldn’t love a pet-friendly and eco-friendly place?

Photo from their official Facebook page

Wanting to escape to Aquascape Lake Caliraya soon? Contact them here!

Address: Eco-Saddle Campsite, Brgy. West Talaongan, Cavinti, Laguna, Philippines
Email: [email protected]

Would you like to spend a night in the middle of a lake? Share it with us in the comments below!

Featured image from their official Facebook page | by Hazel Lou Bartolome.

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