The Bagnet In This Kitchenette Brings La Union To Mandaluyong!

Hammock Kitchenette serves the La Union specialty in a variety of ways in the all-bagnet portion of their menu!

Craving the bagnet of your dreams, but La Union is too far for you? Can’t make the drive up North to for your heart’s bagnet desires? Can’t even leave the city to get a break for it’s crispy, juicy goodness? Hammock Kitchenette is the place for you! A small, cozy, and homey little place in the street corners of Mandaluyong.

Here’s all that you need to know about this special little corner of the city!

#3 Everything bagnet!

Serving the original crispy bagnet with rice isn’t their only specialty. Check it out as Binagoongan, Bicol Express, Sisig and Pakbet!

Our Crispy Bagnet is just for 120php. 😀 #hammockkitchenette

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Our best selling Crispy Pork Binagoongan ftw! #hammockkitchenette #foodie #mandaluyongcity

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#2 They serve dessert!

However, if you’re not the bagnet type, they also have intercontinental favorites including a Signature Glazed Chicken and Lava Cake for dessert! They also serve pasta and a variety of rice meals.

Lava Cake on Mini Jars ☺

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Not the type for cake? Not to worry! They also have local favorites that should be right up your alley.

#1 It’s just in Metro Manila!

Some other favourites on the menu are all-day Filipino breakfast food, and of course, their own hand at appetizers and fabulous drinks. Other than great food, this little kitchenette is downright homey, with its DIY designs and wooden surfaces that will let you feel like you’re right in your own kitchen! To top it off, i’s just in Mandaluyong City!

A glimpse of our menu 😊 #hammockkitchenette

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Still looking for a reason to go? Hammock Kitchenette celebrates all sorts of occasions, and recently just set up for Valentine’s Day! So if you’re planning to bring a party, make sure you reserve properly! Else you’ll lose your seats! What other reason do you need?


Hammock Kitchenette can be found at 40B Basilan St. Brgy. Malamig, Mandaluyong City.

Visit their Facebook account here.

Featured Photo by Kent Lopez

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