Your dream of experiencing the fish and corals in its most genuine form is no longer a fantasy. Freediving is the activity youโ€™re searching for!

Freediving is plunging in the bottom of the sea in one breath without any gear. It has been part of our spearfishers’ culture which has now turned into a leisure activity across the globe.

Sea lovers from different parts of the world visit the Philippines just to learn and train, so make sure you don’t miss out!

Interested? Here are the Freediving schools you need to check:

5. Freediving-Philippines (Moalboal, Cebu)

Freediving-Philippines offers courses from the Beginner to Advanced level. In 2-3 days, youโ€™ll be able to explore the underwater all on your own. Learn from AIDA (International Association for the Development of Apnea) certified freedivers. They will also make sure youโ€™d dive in a spot with lesser waves, giving a more pleasurable experience.

Aside from the lessons, Freediving-Philippines also offer outdoor escapades from CYAN Adventures and Mermaid Courses. Students who finish the training will also receive a certification from AIDA.


Facebook Page:ย
Address:ย Panagsama, Moalboal, Cebu (beside French Coffee)
Contact Number: Mobile +63 928 263 4646, Landline +63 32 474 3200
Email Address: [email protected]


4. Freedive HQ (Mactan, Cebu)

Freedive HQ makes sure you learn from the top and award-winning freedivers. Their courses are open to new and experienced freedivers with lessons ranging from Beginner, Advanced, to Master Courses. Aside from learning to reach deep sea level in one breath, Freedive HQ also promises an unforgettable Cebu experience with its own restaurant, free paddleboards and bicycles, and a terrace over the ocean in its private beach.

Aside from Freediving, you may also enjoy other water and land activities they offer.

Facebook Page:ย
Address: Mar Beach, Marigondon, Lapu-Lapu, Philippines
Contact Number: + 63 926 008 1199
Email Address: [email protected]


3. Freedive Panglao (Panglao, Bohol)

Freedive Panglao has been organizing AIDA sanctioned Depth and Pool competitions since 2014. Thatโ€™s how much they love freediving. They cater both the beginners and the professionals training for competitions, with AIDA-certified instructors from different parts of the world. They treat Panglaoโ€™s optimal water condition and location (not typically visited by storms) as their advantage; hence, ensuring youโ€™d have a high-quality training experience.

Aside from freediving, they also have recreational courses you should explore.

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Facebook Page:ย
Address: Purok 3 Danao, Panglao, 6340 Bohol, Philippines
Contact Number: +63 926 620 4768 (English/German), +63 920 532 3432 (Korean), +63 927 939 3147 (Japanese)
Email Address: [email protected]


2. Palawan Divers (El Nido, Palawan)

Palawan Divers has been the most established dive center in El Nido, Palawan with more than 10 years of diving expertise. In 2015, they started offering AIDA freediving courses in partnership with Freediving Planet. They offer freediving lessons to novices and certified freedivers up to instructor level.

Aside from freediving, they also offer other courses such as Scuba Diving and Digital Underwater Photography.


Facebook Page:ย
Address: Hama Street, Barangay Masagana, El Nido, Palawan
Contact Number: Mobile +63 917 774 3210, Landline + 63 48 244 0381
Email Address: [email protected]


1. Freediving-Manila (Anilao, Batangas)

With an increase in the number of students from Manila enrolling in Freediving-Philippines (Moalboal, Cebu), the team decided to create a training space in Manila, with actual diving in Anilao, Batangas.

They conduct a course once every 2-3 months,ย so make sure to check out their schedule in advance.


Contact Number: +63 928 263 4646
Email Address: [email protected] or [email protected]

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