The largest book sale in the world has arrived in Manila! The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale opened its doors with over 2 Million books on sale for up to 60%-80% off!

This book sale is open 24 hours for 10 whole days (Feb. 16-Feb. 25) at the World trade Center in Pasay City!

With a book sale this huge, you’ll need some good techniques to score great finds. Don’t worry, we got you! Here are 10 badass hacks for your book haul at the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale:

10. Beware of books with yellow tag prices

You can sign up on their registration booth for a free membership to the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale to get additional 10% discounts on selected titles. Just watch out for those books with yellow tags! Stay in tuned on their Facebook Page as well since they constantly post some big price drops there as well.

9. Strategize your shopping

World Trade Center is pretty big. They have three halls open for the book sale, and one hall for the cashier area. Learn where to find the section of the books you wanted to buy. A lot of people flock to the right side from the entrance, since those are Fiction, Literature, Young Adult, Romance, and Reference Sections.

If you’re looking for books about hobbies, cookery, music, and children’s books, you may want to go there first than try your luck in the sections mentioned above.

8. Don’t haul books! Store your prospect books instead


A lot of people haul their prospected books,  then just discard them on the segregation area because they don’t like the books enough, or it’s just not in the budget. The orphaned books then go to their segregation area to redistribute back to the shelves. However, redistribution is slow because they have more than 20 crates to resegregate.

To give chance to other readers, you may want to get the ones you really like (you can freely read the books on their shelves because there are samples before you actually put them in your cart). You can also store your eyed books for 24 hours in their storage area. You can come back for your items the day after to claim them. Don’t worry, it’s a free storage of unpaid books.

7. Check out the Segregation Area

Right before people line up to pay for their books, a lot of them read the books carefully. This place is where everyone decides if they’ll buy the books or not. It’s the judgment place or the books. A lot of books are discarded here and I even scored a good book The Time Keeper written by Mitch Albom. There are also discard crates around the whole place. Just be patient and you’ll find your favorite titles!

6. Set your budget

To be honest, no matter how many good titles you’re finding, in reality, you won’t buy all of them if you don’t have a budget. Depending on the price of the book, you can have around 4-5 books for P1,000. A lot of books are hardbound (especially in the Science and Technology section, so it’s worth the money) and all books are brand new.

I scored 3 out of 4 books of Maze Runner (P190 each) and I also got Time Magazine’s hardbound 85 Years of Great Writing (P230) and Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion for (P230) as well.

5. Perfect time to come

On book sales, you have to be strategic. Most people will come on afternoons, 4:00 onwards. Most people who’ll likely drop by are working, so they must be arriving after office hours (5:00 pm). Expect  the surge of people even in the wee hours of the night! What you can do is to go in the morning during weekdays since there are fewer people. With this, you can have the titles all to yourself.

4. Spot the big boxes!

Since there are a lot of orphaned books, they are put into extremely large boxes. Most of the time, great titles are hidden there. And most people flock around them too. Be vigilant because they do not announce when they’ll open those boxes.

3. Score good finds on corners of the room!

If you’re a literature lover, a lot of great books are located on the Self-help and Literature area. Although, the great titles disappear easily. Sometimes, people also found some rare books. You just have to be patient and vigilant for those titles and you’ll get what you want.

2. Browse exciting children’s books

A lot of people might notice that there’s a wide section for children’s books. Big Bad Wolf Book Sale has alloted a lot of space for children’s books to bring back and nurture children to read actual books and not just staring at their screens all the time. There are a lot great books about literature, science, and math that every kid will enjoy.

There are also a lot of activity books children will really love! Coloring books, sticker books, Pillow books, Activity books, the area is flooded with all of them!

1. Find great comics just in time for Comic Con Asia!

If you’re an avid comic reader, or fan of Marvel and DC Comics and franchises, you’ll certainly love this section. You can find compiled comics for a lower price. You can even have these comics signed by Stan Lee if ever you’re going to Comic Con Asia. It’s still not too late to have your comic stash!

The book sale will last until Feb. 25 at 11:59 pm.

Shopping at Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is easier with these badass tips!


Have you been to the Big Bad Wolf Sale? Share your experience in the comments!

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