Brokenhearted This Valentine's Day? These Places In The PH Can Help Mend Your Heart

We’re a few days away from Valentines Day! But realistically speaking, not all of us are blessed with a partner to celebrate with. In fact, there may be some who are either nursing a broken heart or just completely lost on what to do on this day.

But rather than locking yourself in your room and wasting away with the lyrical prowess of Taylor Swift and Adele, pick yourself up and pack your bags because sulking too much won’t really help you move on.

Whether you’ve just gotten out of a breakup, still can’t get over your TOTGA (Theย  One That Got Away) or just tired of being single, head over to these places that are the perfect remedy to a broken heart!

4. Baguio

This Valentine’s Day, go to a place that is as cold as your heart. With temperatures dropping as low as 6.3 degrees, Baguio isn’t called the Summer Capital of the Philippines for nothing.

Since you’re stuck on what to do this hearts’ day, why not get caught in other celebrations? February is one of the best times to go to Baguio as you can get lost in the bright festivities of the Panagbenga Festival, also known as the “festival of flowers”.

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You can also head over to the Cemetery of Negativism in Baguio. It may be an odd attraction but look at it this way: by visiting this place, you’ll have a symbolical representation where you can “bury” your feelings. Walk around and you’ll see witty markings written on the tombstones. It may be a fictional cemetery but it can still be quite therapeutic when you reflect on your emotions here.

If you just want a quiet afternoon alone, you can also head over to Burnham Park. Go on a jog, rent a bike or ride one of the famous swan boats. Also try the strawberry shawarma that’s sold by this small stall inside the park, the perfect food to eat while going on a stroll around the place.

3. Camiguin

Of course, going to a tropical place shouldn’t be excluded from this travel listicle. From scenic beaches to relaxing hot springs,

For a start, unwind and quiet your mind at the Ardent Hot Springs.ย If you’re going with your barkada, this would be a good place to nitpick on your ex while you relax your muscles. This body of water is heated by the Mt. Hibok Hibok, a natural hot spring that can go as high as 40 degrees.

Are your feet itching for an adventure? Climb Mt. Timpoong! Camiguin has various mountains but this one is the largest of them all. The lush greeneries of the mountain will be your company and upon reaching the summit of the mountain, you’ll be met by the sight of the surreal beauty of this virgin forest.

For those who love the ocean, go on a different kind of snorkeling experience at the Sunken Cemetery. It may be an unusual activity to try (and maybe even eerie to some) but this attraction is so rich in history that it would be sad to skip on the experience.


2. Sagada

Nothing spells like “a new day” than watching the sunrise. While in Sagada, try to wake up early to catch this majestic view at the Kiltepan Viewpoint. If you’ve watched That Thing Called Tadhana, you’d know that this place was featured as a healing sanctuary for the brokenhearted.

If you consider yourself a daredevil, spelunking at the Sumaging and Lumiang Caves is an experience you shouldn’t miss.

Remember when you’d stuff a pint of ice cream and slices of pizza for days after you two called it quits? Well, we won’t judge you if you do so here at Sagada, especially since there are so many local dishes and restos you can discover. Talk of the town is the lemon pie. Don’t forget to bring a box home to your family!


1. Siargao

Dare to try something new. Siargao is known for being the surfing capital of the Philippines, with Cloud 9 being the go-to surfing spot. If you can brave through your first time trying this sport then you can definitely get over a breakup.

More than the waves, you can revel at the beautiful beaches of Siargao by island-hopping. Here, you’ll discover three white sand beaches with their own picturesque characteristic – the islands of Guyam, Naked and Dako.

Or you can just rent a habal-habal and get lost in this island paradise. Throw away your itinerary for the day and just let your feet (or motorbike in this case) carry you wherever.

Siargao may be a clichรฉ place to go if you plan on moving on (especially with the release of the movie). But by walking along the expansive beaches, discovering hidden landscapes and connecting with the locals, you’ll realize that there are more memories you can hold on to than your relationship with your ex.

Ready to move on? Tell us in the comments section where you’re planning to go this February!

*featured photo from Camiguin Tourism Office’s Facebook page

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Brokenhearted This Valentine’s Day? These Places In The PH Can Help Mend Your Heart

Whether you've just gotten out of a breakup, still can't get over your TOTGA, or just tired of being single, head over to these places that are the perfect remedy to a broken heart!

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