5 Travel Ideas For A Budget Friendly Valentine’s Day That Are Actually Super Fun!

Valentine’s Day is coming, and everyone would like to receive a special present, trip or dinner from their significant other! However, take it from us, Cupid’s day can be spent with your loved ones without spending a fortune.

If your significant other is more of an adventurous type, skip the romantic restaurants and make Valentine’s day a day to remember.

Here are some cheap but not cheesy travel date ideas for adventurous couples:

1. Experience glamping

If the weather is nice, you can skip the fancy dinner. Do the cooking at home and head out for a comfortable romantic picnic under the stars.

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You won’t have to worry about the hassle of putting up a tent and sleeping on hard ground. Check into some cozy glamping for two in Glamping x Bloc, a glamping site situated on top of Sierra Madre Mountains surrounded by freshwater lake – a perfect quirky romantic getaway!

Where? Bloc Camp Site Cavinti, Laguna Price starts at P1,999.00

2. Go for a trek

Going for a once in a life time adventure, especially with your significant other tagging along, is never a bad idea!

Forget about your usual go-to places and take the risk to climb the mountain and face the obstacles that awaits you in Musungi Georeserve. This place is perfect for thrill seekers as it presents new and exotic experiences to its visitors – not to mention the number of interesting subjects for the gram!


However, going here on a double-triple date might actually be the best idea! Note that guests are accommodated on a reservation basis only.


Where: Masungi Georeserve Baras, Rizal Price starts at P1,500.00

3. Sign-up for some water sports

Get soaking wet this Valentine’s day! San Rafel River Adventure has an abundance of water sports for visitors to enjoy: Kayak, paddle board, wakeboarding and many more! It also offers access to infinity pool (How deep is your love, your love how deep?).



So if you want to get sexy and wear fish-nets (pun intended) this might just be your lucky place to do so!

Where: San Rafael River Adventure, Brgy. Talacsan San Rafael, Bulacan Price starts at P750.00

4. Conquer a hike

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One of the minor hikes that offer stunning views you can hike is Mt. Binacayan. Just because you want to stay on budget doesn’t mean you can’t bring your significant other on cloud nine!

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Most visitors ascend the top and witness a sea of clouds. But don’t be fooled – the trail can be emotionally and physically challenging; which brings us to highlight – come prepared. Bring snacks and show your date how thoughtful and responsible you are. Sharing a kiss in the wilderness will be a plus!

Mt. Binacayan is said to be approximately an hour and a half away from Manila.


Where: Mt. Binacayan Brgy. Wawa Rodriguez Rizal Price starts at P500.00

5. Or simply unwind in a beach resort

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Plan a day trip with your partner and indulge in the different amenities that a lot of resorts can offer. Vista de Puente Beach Resort offers exactly the beach-resort ambiance you’ll need to set up the Valentine’s Day mood. Relax in its infinity pool or take a romantic walk on the beach!

Kiss me from head to toe ☺️👌

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Where: Vista de Puente Beach Resort Ilijan, Batangas Price starts at P150.00

Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort is another place to unwind for a day trip. Ever heard of the “Maldives of the Philippines?” Yes, this right here is the place to be!


For more relaxation, you can finish off the night with a private moment in one of their cozy villas or floating cottages!


Where: Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort Price starts at P350.00

A totally unique and budget-friendly date doesn’t have to be cheap at all – with the right thought planning and gesture, your date will surely appreciate! Considering some activities above for your date? Let us know in the comments section below!

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5 Travel Ideas For A Budget Friendly Valentine’s Day That Are Actually Super Fun!

If your partner is more of an adventurous type, skip the romantic dinner set up and try these affordable travel date ideas to make your Valentine's Day a day to remember!

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