Uber Hack: Here’s How You Can Save Your Toll Money When You Ride An Uber

Did you know Uber ride fares are already subject to toll fees? If you constantly paid for your toll fee when you pass the expressways, here’s how you can evade paying toll fee on Uber!

If you’ll ask around city residents to describe Metro Manila in one word, this is probably what they would say: T-R-A-F-F-I-C. Metro Manila traffic is dubbed as one of the worst traffic in Asia (if not the whole world). After all, the Metro is the center of business and commerce, and a lot of people travel within the area to get to work and go to school.

With Metro Manila’s high rise buildings, crowded roads, and buzzing streets, traffic will always be present -and it doesn’t leave, really. It doesn’t matter whether you go out in the rush hour or not. And for everyday commuters, you can even say traffic = hell. But thanks to Transport Network Vehicle Service (TNVS) like Uber, rides around the Metro becomes a little bit bearable -of course, for those who can afford.

How about when you pass the expressways? Isn’t it a bit too costly because you also have to pay for toll fees too? Well, for those who live on the far North and far South, rejoice! We discovered a way for you not to pay toll fees anymore, plus some hacks too!

Facebook user Jade Suarez shared her Uber hacks in paying the toll fees. It’s an informative one, with simple instructions, screenshots of her app for easier demonstration!

When you don’t want to pay for toll fees

Uber automatically adds the toll fee to your fare, so you won’t have to pay for extra when your ride comes up the toll gate. Sometimes, even Uber drivers themselves are not well aware that toll fees are included in the rate. You don’t want to get into an argument with the driver for this, so here’s what you should do:

Most app users of TVNS are required to enter their cellphone number and/or email address. If your email address is connected in the Uber app, they automatically send an email once you complete your trip.

So when the driver is not aware of these included fees on your fare, you may ask him/her to complete the trip using his app. After a few moments, you should receive an email receipt about your fees. You may show this to your driver so he won’t need to ask you to pay for the toll fee.

When you already paid for the toll fee

You may ask, “What if I already paid the toll fee? What do I do?”You may have paid for it since you’re already in a rush or just avoiding a conflict with your driver. Fret not, since you can also get your money back! Uber gives a sort of reimbursement to passengers who paid their toll fee.

Keep your receipt from the toll fee charge and go to “Your Trips” tab on your Uber app. Tap your recent trip where you paid for the toll fee.



You should go to “Help” on your trip details and tap on “I would like a refund” then, click on “I paid a toll or parking fee for my driver.” Uber will give information about the surcharge when your trip will pass through an expressway. You need to fill out the form they’ll give you. Give them the toll location and the toll amount and the amount you paid your driver for the toll.

This may take a while, but you should expect an email from Uber Support where they will ask for a photo of your receipt from the toll. Once verified, voila! You now have Uber credits! You can use these credits on your succeeding trips with Uber. The credits should be equal to what you paid for the toll.

This Uber hack can definitely make you save money and encounter less hassle when travelling in Metro Manila.


What’s your best Uber experience? Share it with us in the comments below!

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