This Restaurant in Ilocos Serves Pizza Flavors You’ve Never Heard Of!

Herencia Restaurant has the weirdest pizza flavors and we want to try them all!

Who doesn’t love pizza? All of us pizza lovers have a favorite topping, but these ones will make you rethink your pizza choices.

Just in front of the beautiful Paoay Church, there is this must-try pizza place. Your Ilocos experience will never be complete without this!

Take a look at their extraordinary pizza flavors:

5. Longganisa Pizza

Longganisa pizza 😂#herencia #ilocostrip #herenciarestaurant

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This local sausage is delicious on its own. What more when it’s on pizza? The combination of cheese and the garlicky, tangy slices of longganisa surprisingly makes this a crowd favorite. A lot of tourists say that this is even better than our usual pepperoni. A plus point is the appetizing aroma that will keep you wanting more!

4. Chicharon a.k.a. Bagnet Pizza

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Here’s a little trivia: did you know that Bagnet is called ‘Chicharon’ in Ilocos? Now you know! That’s why you’ll see ‘Chicharon Pizza’ on Herencia’s menu and see bagnet upon ordering. The thin and crispy crust of this pizza goes well with the bagnet. The crispiness of the pork’s skin and its tenderness on the inside make this the ultimate topping to your cheesy pizza! It’s definitely worth the calories!

3. Gamet (Organic Nori) Pizza

This is the pizza with seaweed, onions, tomatoes and shrimps! This is quite underrated. But hey, you won’t regret giving it a try. The superb taste gives justice to the chewy and soft texture and you can really tell that each ingredient is fresh. Promise, your taste buds will thank you!

2. Dinuguan Pizza

Tryin' this dinuguan pizza🍕👌🏻

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The name can make you bite in slow motion. Once you take the bite, you’ll love and crave this unique pizza flavor! We totally understand that pig’s blood, aka dinuguan sounds disgusting. But believe it or not, this is another bestseller! Aside from the chunks of blood, this has actual slices of pork and chilies. It really has the authentic dinuguan taste and the cheesy crust makes it more delicious. This would surely satisfy even the pickiest of palates!

1. Pinakbet Pizza

Pakbet pizza 🍕

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Herencia Restaurant tags itself as the birthplace of Pinakbet pizza. Well, this is indeed what made them famous! In case you never heard of Pinakbet, it’s an Ilocano veggie dish cooked with bagoong (fermented fish sauce). Imagine this on a pizza, or better yet, take a bite of it! Instead of the usual hot sauce or catsup, this pizza is meant to be dipped in bagoong to be the best surprise of your life! Bagoong matches everything on this pizza! Even tourists who are not fond of vegetables say this is their newfound love.

Each whole pizza costs P395. To taste two kinds of pizza in one, you can order their Sampler for just P450!


Herencia Restaurant is located at McArthur Street, Paoay, Ilocos Norte.

Do you have plans of going to Paoay soon? Tag your travel buddies and give Herencia Restaurant a try!


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