It’s that time of the year again! We’re not skipping to March—we’re totally going through February, the Month of Love, because who could miss these amazing deals? Check these 10 Valentine’s Day promos out!


10. Burger Mania’s FREE treat to all single gents and ladies

Promo Period: February 14, 2018


It’s going to be a fun Independence—err, we mean, Valentine’s Day at Burger Mania. On the 14th, from 5 to 6 in the evening, they will be giving out FREE burgers to single (and single and bitter) customers. Just go to their ‘shootout booth’ and shout a la Darna, “I am not single, I’m independent!” Oh, and your heart’s status should reflect on the color of your clothes, too. Wear black if you’re single and bitter, and red if you’re single, independent, and proud!

Burger Mania is located at Ayala Highway, Balintawak, Lipa City, Batangas

For more information, visit Burger Mania on Facebook.


9. A quick, laidback meal for two at Tapa King

Promo Period: February 1 to 25, 2018


You and the bae love a quick, laidback meal? We got you. With Tapa King’s ‘Love at first bite: Sarap to share’ promo, you can have a meal of Pinoy Style Buttered Chicken, two cups of steaming rice, a slice of chocolate cake and two glasses of soda. Did we mention that all that is only for PHP299? Yum!

Tapa King has several branches.

For more information, visit Tapa King on Facebook.


8. Drown in sizzling meals at Raffu’s Resto Grill

Promo Period: February 1 to 28, 2018


Sizzling meals are a staple to the Pinoy palate. We could be eating plate after plate of at least five variations of sizzling and still want more. If you and bae have a big appetite, don’t miss Raffu’s Resto Grill V-Day Promo. For PHP489, you can have two sizzling meals, one seafood dish, and two cups of rice downed by a pitcher of iced tea. Because V-Day dates aren’t always chocolates and roses!

Raffu’s Resto Grill is located at 426 Tulip Drive Juna Subdivision, Matina Crossing, Davao City.

For more information, visit Raffu’s Restro Grill on Facebook.


7. Forget your ex with Kamroo’s Joint Restaurant

Promo period: February 1 to 28, 2018


The sight of couples PDA-ing reminds you of your ex, doesn’t it? Well, Kamroo’s Joint will not only make you forget your name, but also the one that got away. For every PHP500 worth of purchase, you will receive a 10% discount. Just present a “shredded” or “crumpled” photo of your ex (or maybe your “almost”).

Kamroo’s Joint Restaurant is located along Diversion Road, Biday, San Fernando, La Union.

For more information, visit Kamroo’s Joint Restaurant on Facebook.


6. Cravings’ PHP999 UNLIMITED Steak 

Promo period: February 14, 2018


Meat-loving couples, say no more. For PHP999 per head, you and bae can enjoy unlimited steak on your Valentine’s date. And it’s all thanks to Cravings, who is also capturing that special night for free!

Cravings is located at:

287 Cravings Center Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City

31st Floor Fraser Place Hotel, Salcedo Village, Makati City

18 Missouri St. Northeast Greenhills

For more information, visit Cravings on Facebook.


5. Domino’s P229 Pizza + Chicken Duo for Netflix and Chill

Promo period: February 9 to 15, 2018


Rejoice, Domino’s is having a promo this Love Month. Get a 7” classic pizza partnered with a specialty chicken of your choice plus two bottles of Minute Maid for you and bae. The promo applies to delivery, so it’s definitely perfect for Netflix and Chill.

Domino’s has several branches.

For more information, visit Domino’s on Facebook.


4. Korean BBQ group date at home with Kachi Mogo

Promo period: February 1 to 16, 2018


Hate the traffic? Hate crowds? Two words: Valentine party. Thanks to Kachi Mogo, you can celebrate V-Day at the comfort of your own home. For less than PHP2000, you can avail of group packages. We recommend their Valentine’s Party Package—pork, beef, side dishes, kimbap, and lettuce—which is good for 10 to 12 persons. They will also provide the grill.

For orders and reservations, contact:



For more information, visit Kachi Mogo on Facebook.



3. Make that Cake Extra Special with Red Ribbon’s Free Valentine’s Card

 Promo period: February 1 to 15, 2018

red ribbon.jpg

Let’s bring back the old days by reliving greeting cards. If bae has a sweet tooth, get them a cake (or any sweet treat, really, that’s worth at least PHP100) at Red Ribbon and get a cute Valentine’s card for free. You’re going to be giving them all the kilig!

Red Ribbon has several branches.

For more information, visit Red Ribbon on Facebook.


2. Buy 1 Get 1 Free Valentine Cocktail Drink at Rooftop Food Park

Promo period: February 12 to 16, 2018

Rooftop Food Park.jpg

It’s okay to be a bit tipsy at the end of the night, at least that’s what Rooftop Food Park wants you to know. Bae’s drink is on them if you buy one Valentine Cocktail. If you’re lucky enough to be one of the first 50 pairs to avail of the drink, you get a special gift. Hmm…what could it be? Well there’s only one way to know so head on to the Rooftop Food Park on the 14th!

Rooftop Food Park is located at Regalado Hwy, Novaliches, Quezon City.

Visit Rooftop Food Park on Facebook.


1. Free UNLIMITED dessert for third wheelers at Krazy for Sweets

Promo period: February 12 to 17, 2018


Well, enough with promos for couples. Those in the third wheel deserve some love, too! At Krazy for Sweets, any third-wheeler can avail of free unlimited (yes, free and unlimited) desserts if each of the pair orders an Unli All Kraze or K1 Kombo. If they choose to be killjoys, though, Krazy for Sweets will still give you free cheesesticks or French fries if your trio purchases a total of PHP199 worth of meals. Who said being single didn’t have its perks?

Krazy for Sweets is located at 20 A H Lacson Ave, Sampaloc, Manila.

Visit Krazy for Sweets on Facebook.


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