These chapels are earnestly waiting to hear your I Do’s. And nobody else ever has to know!

Weddings are celebrated in the Philippines in so many ways – and most of the time, they are massive and merry. It’s one of the rarest opportunities for friends and relatives to get together. And it is for this reason that when somebody gets engaged in the family, the long and tedious planning for a grand celebration immediately begins.

While others diligently take time to address every detail necessary for their wedding, there are a few who want to keep it simple and low-key – away from the crowd and surrounded only by those who know them very well.

If you dream of having a beautiful, intimate wedding, this list of captivating chapels from all over the Philippines will make you want to just run away and make it happen!

10. The Anglican Church, Sagada

A long and distant drive to the north from the metro will lead you to this high altitude chapel in the mountains of Cordillera. Also known as the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, you will be welcomed in this chapel if you wish to get married in the quaint little town of Sagada.

Built in the early 1900s, it also offers interesting antique decors and pieces that are naturally lit by the beaming sunrays entering from the chapel’s sides. At certain hours of the day, the light creates the most dramatic shadows on its interiors.

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The chapel’s simplicity and remoteness are two characteristics that make it an ideal place for a secret wedding.

9. Lagen Oratory Chapel, Palawan

Rising in popularity are the beaches and resorts in El Nido, Palawan, which has been drawing attention from local and foreign tourists alike to travel far to this secluded paradise just to get married.

Situated in one of the coves in Lagen Island is the Lagen Oratory Chapel that serves as an open-air in-resort chapel for couples who plan to exchange vows in the presence of just a few select guests.

With privacy in mind, celebrating the beginning of forever in this island will be one of the greatest decisions you can make as a couple.

8. Callao Cave Chapel, Cagayan Province

Have you ever thought of marrying your better-half inside a cave? Probably not. But it actually is possible! Located in Peñablanca, Cagayan Province is Callao Cave. The said town is blessed with more than 300 caves. What makes this particular cave a stand out?

One of Callao Cave’s seven chambers has been made into a chapel where people actually go to for prayer. You can find this chapel strategically placed just below the cave’s opening which gives it the perfect spotlight.

A cave may be an unconventional place for a wedding, but in here, you will definitely shine.

7. Mt. Carmel Chapel, Batanes

What could be more scenic than saying your I Do’s on a chapel on top of a hill that’s facing the roaring Pacific and the West Philippine Sea? Mt. Carmel Chapel of Tukon, Basco, Batanes gives you the most picturesque backdrop for a wedding.

Situated at the northernmost part of the Philippines and one of the most elusive local destinations of the country, you will see that this stone chapel in Batanes is even better up-close!

Besides its beauty, the chapel tells us the rich Ivatan tradition of building houses, and the meaningful family history of the Abads.

6. Sanctuario de San Jose, Bataan

Travelling to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bataan is the closest thing you can experience to time travelling. It is both a collection and a combination of replicas of Spanish-styled houses, and original old structures carefully restored and transferred to the area. Collectively, it has created a walk-in village museum that screams of our abundant history and heritage.

Standing in the middle of the wide landscape is the replica of Sanctuario de San Jose, which you can reach by passing through a bridge. Its surrounding water adds charm to the already enchanting chapel.

Feel like an ilustrado for a day, and tie the knot with your beautiful señorita or ravishing señorito at Sanctuario de San Jose.

5. St. Marc’s Chapel, Laguna

The refreshing outdoor element of St. Marc’s Chapel in Los Baños, Laguna is a hidden treasure found at the foot of Mt. Makiling. As if protected by a diwata guarding the mountain, looking for this open-air chapel along National Arts Center may seem a little challenging. But when you find it, it will take your breath away!

The chapel stands without any walls in the middle of lush greeneries. Its tranquility and rawness may just be what you need for your wedding!

4. The Chapel at Hillcreek’s Garden, Cavite

Situated at a premiere location for garden weddings, this tiny chapel at Hillcreek’s is a popular choice for couples who wish to get married within Tagaytay and Cavite area.

Surrounded by its well-maintained landscapes, its beauty captivates and shines in the middle of the garden’s greens. It also has large windows that keep the outdoor vibe dominant even when you are inside the chapel.

The right amount of intimacy this chapel offers will make you bloom on your big day.

3. St. Therese Chapel of the Child Jesus, Batangas

Tucked in Pico de Loro Cove, Hamilo Coast, Nasugbu, Batangas is the Chapel of St. Therese. Its glass walls offer a panoramic view of the area’s shores and mountains, and showcase an awe-inspiring view of the sunset during the golden hour.

The romantic ambiance of this chapel in Batangas is the perfect place for your wedding – not only to reminisce, but also to looking forward to the exciting future that lies ahead.

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For what it’s worth, this chapel has a sustainable architectural design and is solar-powered.

2. Capilla Santa Ana and Community Center, Cebu

This chapel in Toledo, Cebu is what’s waiting for you when you go down south. Privately owned, it hosts a collection of religious relics and paintings that the owners have gathered while travelling around Europe. Couples who are aesthetically fascinated to art and history will be delighted with this chapel’s wide array of antique pieces.

Behind the chapel is also a labyrinth garden that you and your guests can explore before or after the wedding. Other than that, the chapel also manages a community center advocating for kids who are less fortunate.

1. Ephrathah Glass Chapel, Iloilo

Little is known of this glass chapel in the town of Badiangan in Iloilo. But when you see it, you’ll most likely fall in love with it.

You can find this chapel standing in the middle of a small amphitheater in Ephrathah Farms, with its translucent walls made from glass. The place is quiet and rejuvenating in nature, which makes it a nice place to witness and experience a lovely, intimate wedding.

Also within the area, you can find a restaurant that serves organic produce that your close friends and families may enjoy right after the ceremonies.

Do you hear the faint sound of bells ringing? Which among these chapels is calling you? Share this article and let your partner know.

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