The Philippines is known for their stunning beaches, like Boracay and Palawan! But when these famous beaches get too stuffy, there are also hidden beaches in our country which are just as beautiful!

As an archipelagic country, the Philippines has a wide variety of natural wonders, some are even world-class. Tourists love visiting the country to experience the magnificent land and water forms our country has to offer.

The Philippines is known for its gorgeous world-class beaches like Boracay, Puerto Princesa, and El Nido. Summer or not, foreign and local tourists spend their vacation on these islands.

But if you prefer some peace and quiet time by the beach, away from the crowded shores, or just want to explore some hidden treasures the country has to offer, you might enjoy staying at beaches that are less known.

These places might be hard to reach, but the secluded ones are actually better. If you’re in for an adventure, here are 10 hidden beaches in the Philippines that you should go to on your next vacation:

10. Casapsapan Beach (Casiguran, Aurora)

Aurora is famous for its fine beaches. The province hosts thousands of tourists who enjoy the great beaches. Casapsapan Beach is the hidden gem waiting to be discovered. The roads might be a bit rough, but the beautiful scenery that awaits you is definitely worth it.

Casapsapan Beach’s white sand and serene environment will surely entice tourists to stay. It has a long shoreline and fine, white sand at par with Boracay’s.  Expect the locals to be hospitable (and may even ask you to drink with them).

How to get there: You can have a deluxe ride at Genesis Bus Line to have an air-conditioned bus ride with reclining seats, free snacks, blankets, and onboard restroom. You can enjoy this no stopover ride to Baler, Aurora and take a mini-bus or a van to Casiguran.

9. Anguib Beach (Sta. Ana, Cagayan)

Dubbed as the “Boracay of the North,” Anguib Beach in Cagayan will mesmerize you with its clear waters and fine, white sand. Catch the waves and hit the beach with the sea facing the Pacific Ocean. The North offers the insta-worthy backdrop of the blue ocean, especially when it’s sunset.

As you arrive at the beach, no entrance fee is charged. Although there are no outside activities or water sports available, this place makes you appreciate all the humble things in life.

How to get there: You can hire a van to climb to Sta. Ana, Cagayan, and drop by San Vicente Port to get on a boat to the beach. You can also ride a bus bound for Sta. Ana, Cagayan then take a tricycle from the town center to San Vicente Port. From there you can ride a boat to Anguib Beach.

8. Tambobong Beach (Dasol, Pangasinan)

Travelling on a budget is still enjoyable, especially when you go to Tambobong Beach. Unlike the crowded and commercialized beach in Bolinao, there are no expensive resorts on this beach. You can even camp out anywhere and enjoy the shade of the trees after a long drive on rough roads.

How to get there: Ride the bus to Alaminos, Pangasinan. Board another bus to Sta. Cruz, Zambales, and ask the driver to drop you off at Burgos Market. Ride the trick to Tambobong.

7. Masasa Beach (Tingloy, Batangas)

Masasa beach might probably be a familiar name. After all, it’s just located in Batangas –just hours away from Manila. This beach is quite accessible to those who just want to get away from the city. The beach is famous for diving, aside from a great swimming spot. You can also camp out (even by the beach), or just rest it out and just sunbathe all you want.

How to go there: Ride a bus to Batangas City grand terminal. From there, take the jeepney to Anilao and get off at the Anilao Port or Talaga Port. Take the public boat to Tingloy Port/ Masasa Beach.

6. Tambaron Island (Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro)

Found at the southernmost end of Oriental Mindoro is Tambaron Island. This secluded getaway is your complete island experience. You won’t have an infinity pool and air-conditioned suites but you’ll have the entire cove to yourselves. Enjoy the fresh seafood and do island hopping on the nearby island as well.

How to get there: Take a bus to Bantangas City Pier and board the RoRo vessel to Calapan. Ride a van to Roxas and from Roxas, take a van or bus to Bulalacao. A motorized boat will take you to Tambaron Island.

5. Cagnipa Cove (Pandan, Catanduanes)

Even if the province is constantly struck with typhoons and located at the easternmost part of its region facing the sea, you can enjoy this Batanes-like cove in Catanduanes. Cagnipa Cove in Pandan not only provides a perfect place for skinny-dipping and swimming but also a great place to hike –because the cove is nearby Cagnipa Hills that will surely make you have a Batanes feels.

How to get there: Ride an airplane from Manila to Virac and ride a jeepney to Pandan. You can also ride a bus from Manila to Tobacco, Albay and ride a ferry from Tobacco seaport to Virac seaport to ride the jeepney to Pandan after.

4. Guisi beach (Nueva Valencia, Guimaras)

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Aside from the popularity of their mangoes (which are the sweetest in the country), Guimaras Island is also famous for Guisi beach. If you’re looking for a private and secluded beach to enjoy for yourself, this might be for you. Spending a laid-back afternoon near the beach and eating mangoes make the experience worth it. This might be Guimaras’ best-kept secret. You can also visit their historic lighthouse while you’re at it.

How to get there: Ride the airplane to Ilo-Ilo. From the Ortiz Port in Ilo-ilo City, ride a ferry to Joran Wharf Guimaras then, take a jeepney ride to Guisi Beach.

3. Sila Beach (San Vicente, Northern Samar)

We have a lot of beaches with different colors and kinds of sand. We have the fine and rough cream, white, even black sands, but we also have pink!

If there’s the Pink Beach in Zamboanga, there’s also the Sila Beach in Northern Samar. The pink-colored sand came from the pulverized remains of crab shells and coral skeletons damaged by weathering that blended in the white sand. You can also find rock formations nearby the emerald green top turquoise color of the sea.

How to get there: Book a flight to Tacloban, Leyte. Ride a van to Calbayog City which lasts for five hours and another van to San Isidro, Northern, Samar. From there, you will ride a boat to San Vicente.

2. Black Island (Coron, Palawan)

Named after the towering karst cliffs in Busuanga that made the island look black, Black Island offers exciting adventures that you won’t forget. Aside from the fine, white sand and waters that are so clear, you’ll admire their coral garden –which Palawan is also famous for.

In addition, you can go inside the magnificent cave that boasts its stalactites and stalagmites that was enveloped by white silica. It also has its own natural pool inside.

How to get there: Book flight to Coron, Palawan. Take a van bound for the town proper from the airport.

1. Panampangan Island (Bongao, Tawi-Tawi)

Head down South, you can enjoy another beautiful paradise. Tawi-Tawi might give you chills because of its reputation, but rest assured this island will make you feel safe. Locals dubbed it as “Virgin Island” which is a place not known to many tourists (but is worth the visit).

Panampangan Island offers its powdery white sand and rows of coconut trees, along with its long sandbar. Although it is advisable you should only stay just for a day. You need to leave mainland early to enjoy your stay to the fullest because you need to go back before dusk.

How to get there: Ride an airplane to Zamboanga International Airport, and book another flight from there to Sanga-Sanga Airport in Bongao, Tawi-Tawi or take the ferry from Zamboanga to Bongao.


Where is your favorite among these hidden treasures? Let us know in the comments below!

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