Cebu lets you chase 7 waterfalls – one after another – in just one day. Seems impossible? Here’s how you can do it!

The island’s diverse and marvelous landscapes screams of adventure. Boasting of its waterfalls, mountains and beaches, the province has basically everything a nature-lover could ask for.

And yet, reality tells us that no matter how free our spirits are, we will always be bound by deadlines, curfews and priorities – and that’s not necessarily a bad thing! It’s just that time – or the lack of it – hinder us from leaving our work spaces to explore the great unknown.

Despite the limitations, however, a clever attitude will still and always be the most important factor that will take us to different exciting places. Going to a one-day adventure exploring Cebu’s beautiful countryside and its wonderful waterfalls will be the best deal breaker!

If you think you can spare a day or two off from work to be the adventure-seeker that you naturally are, prepare to discover 4 towns in Southwestern Cebu, and be amazed of 7 (or more) of its magnificent waterfalls in just less than 24 hours. Let’s begin!

7. Aguinid Falls, Samboan, Cebu

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A 5-tier waterfall is eagerly waiting for you on your first pit stop!

Aguinid’s cascading waters is sure to awaken your survival instincts the moment you say yes to the challenge of going up to explore the top tier. Following the ascending stream is as easy as it can get, but going to the portion where you need to walk your way up through its rolling waters could be a little difficult.

You’ll soon get the hang of it when you start submerging on each tier’s catch basin. Diving in will give you a full-load exciting experience!

With an entrance fee of P20, you can go upstream and back along with 2 tour guides mandatorily provided by the local tourism office of the town of Samboan.


A Bato via Barili bus ride from Cebu South Bus Terminal will take you to Samboan, Cebu. It is a 3 to 4-hour drive that costs P175 per head. If you are a student, note that discounts apply.

From the town’s proper, begin your journey with a habal-habal ride worth P200 that will bring you not just to Aguinid Falls, but to the next attraction on this list as well. Two waterfalls for that amount is already a steal!

6. Binalayan Falls, Samboan, Cebu

Also known as the “Triple Drop Falls”, Binalayan Falls is Brgy. Bonbon’s hidden gem.

A smaller tier initially greets you with the sound of rushing water when you get by the area. But when you walk up a little further, a towering waterfall will be unveiled. Graciously standing at around 60 meters with three flowing streams, this hidden waterfall treats you to a less crowded attraction.

Some locals and tourists let their adrenalines lose in this location by jumping into a 7-foot deep catch basin. Are you ready to take a leap?


Going to Binalayan Falls may be visited sequentially after Aguinid Falls for only P200 through a habal-habal. This hidden waterfall is also situated in Samboan, and is considered one the most accessible in the area.

Moreover, as if the two waterfalls mentioned above are not enough, Samboan offers two more falls you can chase. Two equally grandiose waterfalls that you can insert in your itinerary – according to your time and preference – are Dao Falls and Candayvic Falls.


5. Inambakan Falls, Ginatilan, Cebu

From Samboan, let’s head to another town called Ginatilan.

Delayed gratification is what Inambakan Falls will give you when you let your feet concede to a few minutes of trekking along a concrete trail down to a muddy and misty track. The direction to the waterfall allows you to pass through a pristine river with its clear waters flowing around boulders of different sizes. The sound of outpouring water intensifies as you get closer, and you’ll know you’ve entered the right territory as soon as you feel the natural spraying mist that reaches you even when you’re still 10 meters away.

Standing over 100 feet is the powerful downrush of water of Inambakan Falls. It’s that powerful that the water does not flow through the rocks, but meters apart. You may get closer to the weak portions of the cascade for a natural back massage. This enchanting waterfall is also the jump-off point towards the notorious “Calvary Trail” of Mt. Hambubuyog.

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Hailed as one of Cebu’s cleanest, Ginatilan is a 1-hour bus ride from Samboan which costs around P50.

A round trip habal-habal drive to and from this waterfall will cost you P100. It has a smooth and easy trail that you can trek for 10 minutes – with or without a guide – for an entrance fee of P10.

4. Kampael Falls, Ginatilan, Cebu

A few meters upstream of Inambakan Falls is the calming scenery of Kampael Falls. It is a 15-meter high waterfall with a small catch basin at the bottom. It’s blue waters is a mirror of purity and freshness that will leave you in awe.

However, this waterfall’s limited swimming space can only cater a few tourists. When you chance to visit the place without any other day trippers, it will surely make a perfect personal jacuzzi you can relax in.


Kampael Falls is situated just above Inambakan Falls.

3. Bugnawan Falls, Ginatilan, Cebu

Another natural treasure found upstream is Bugnawan Falls. Like Inambakan and Kampael Falls, Bugnawan serves as another cool and refreshing place for a noon time dip.

Going there is a steep 15-minute hike that will delight and ignite your senses as you slowly see it unravel right in front of your eyes. A sight to behold! The falls is 20 meters high, and its flowing water drops to a wider catch basin that’s more or less 8 feet deep.

Locals say there is another waterfall to explore and discover just above it which you can reach in just 10 minutes.


Bugnawan Falls is your last pit stop in Ginatilan for this particular list. It is found upstream above Kampael Falls.


2. Kawasan Falls, Badian, Cebu

Your chase for Cebu’s magnificent waterfalls wouldn’t be complete without visiting the town of Badian – the home of the famous Kawasan Falls.

Taking a habal-habal ride from the highway is the fastest way you can reach Kawasan Falls. However, if you still have time left, you may also just walk yourself up to the main tier for 20 minutes while enjoying the view. When you do, expect to see several small tiers below bamboo-made bridges that you need to cross before reaching your destination.

Kawasan Falls is also where Cebu’s popular canyoneering activities are enjoyed by foreigners and locals alike. There is a trail in Kawasan that trekkers use to traverse to Osmeña Peak.

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A bus ride from Ginatilan will take you to the municipality of Badian for approximately P50. The ride takes about an hour.


1. Mantayupan Falls, Barili, Cebu

Barili, your last pit stop, is where you can find the highest waterfall in Cebu. Mantayupan Falls soars at 98 meters high.

For more than a decade, it has faithfully provided hydro-electric power to the town of Barili. It has 2 tiers, but the second one – its main attraction – is where most tourists plunge in. Grilling and picnic spaces are also available for guests.

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For just about P50, another 1-hour bus ride will take you from Badian to Barili. From the highway, the waterfall is accessible through a round trip habal-habal ride worth P60.


When you start your roadtrip to Samboan at 4 in the morning, you’d most likely be driving your way back to the city from Barili before 6 in the afternoon, just before the last bus ride goes back to Cebu City. You can chase 7 of Cebu’s waterfalls in more or less than 12 hours!

These magnificent waterfalls are calling you. Are you ready to take on this adventure? Share this on social media and plan ahead with your friends.

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