This Ship Sailing In Manila Next Summer Will Have You Cruisin' In Style

Visit Okinawa, Japan and Keelung Taiwan in a luxurious yet still affordable cruise experience!

Boarding a cruise ship is one of the most relaxing ways of travelling and enjoying a vacation. Despite the journey taking much longer, you can take your sweet time enjoying everything the ship has to offer before disembarking to your destination.

If you’ve been considering travelling on-board one, you’re in luck! Since early 2017, Star Cruises SuperStar Virgo cruise ship has made Manila its home dock. This means Manila dwellers need not to fly or drive very far to board.

For summer 2018, the ship will be returning to Manila to sail for Okinawa, Japan and Keelung,Taiwan in a 5-night cruise. Best of all, no visa required; saving you a bit of the hassle!

If you’re a first time cruiser or just on the fence about boarding, here’s a quick rundown of some of the things you could enjoy in the ship:

5. The Food

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You can avail up to 6 complimentary meals everyday from different restaurants serving a wide variety of cuisines. There’s definitely more than enough scrumptious dishes to try and satisfy your appetite for the entire cruise.

4. Physical Activities

Play basketball even while at sea #superstarvirgo #basketballanywhere

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Those who wish to bring their workouts on vacation can do as with a gym, basketball court, and a jogging path available for use. In addition, there are other physical activities you could take part in, like basketball, mini-golf, or even learn archery.

3. Games for the Kids and the Kids At Heart

The ship has a place for kids where there are a lot of toys and books. You can also rent board games to play with your friends or family. There’s even a station where you can play Playstation 4, complete with soft and comfy bean bags.

2. Shows

There are also free shows you can catch every night. The amazingly talented performers composed of magicians, acrobats, and dancers will surely keep your evenings entertaining.

1. Swimming

Amazing baby Virgo cruise , until we meet again 😍😍 #CJescapades

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On the ship’s deck are 2 swimming pools and 4 jacuzzi hot tubs. If you’re feeling adventurous, there is a long winding water slide that will bring you straight to what they call the Parthenon pool.

Since you are travelling when boarding a cruise, you can also look forward to setting foot in foreign land. As a matter of fact, the cruise even offers guided tours upon arrival of your destination.

Friendly tip, you can book rooms with a balcony included that will give you a clear view of sunrises and sunsets on the ocean.

There’s plenty of reason to try and experience boarding a cruise, especially for those who haven’t before. If you’re planning to go on vacation next year, this is something to consider. Of course, booking early avails you to more affordable rates.

Visit their official website for booking, promos, and more information.



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