There's A Solar-Powered Restaurant In Manila, And It Is Cool AF!

A power plant-inspired restaurant in Quezon City is the first solar-powered restaurant in Metro Manila! No brownouts and blackouts!

Aside from the great food offerings, what makes a restaurant a must-try is its concept. I have talked about this several times in my food features. The restaurant’s appeal and impact depend on their concept. Sure, great food is the greatest takeaway. But with the competition nowadays, everybody has to step up and be different.

Then, we came across this power plant-inspired restaurant called Megawatt. Having two 250-Megawatt solar panels, Megawatt generates electricity enough to power their LED light bulbs and some appliances.

Everything is about electricity. From their lights to the food and drinks, down to their tables and chairs. Tables are designed as solar panels and they even have a toolbox for your bill!



Here are the reasons why you should recharge at this power plant restaurant:

Not your ordinary pit stop

Megawatt is located above a car wash so you can dine and treat yourself with power-packed meals while your car is getting a pampered treatment.

If you’re commuting, you can ride LRT Line 2 and get off at Gilmore Station or take Jeeps along Aurora Ave., Quezon City.

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In addition, you can also surf the internet while eating. Free wifi is offered. At the center, some limited edition toys and imported accessories are for sale.

Power-packed Food Offerings

All-time favorite snacks and food are offered on their menu. Megawatt serves Texas-Mexican food favorites like pizza, chicken, burritos, burgers, fries, steaks. If you are game for a high calorie, power-packed snacks and meals, these are perfect for you.



Indulge yourself with their Fried Lasagna, Pork Kimchi Burrito, Chick3 with Waffles, and Hand-tossed Seafood Pizza platter.

Moreover, their specialty A.M.P. burger will satisfy your appetite because this is an all-out meal in itself. Homemade buns and lettuce, plus two 200g Megawatt Angus patty, plus hash brown, topped with egg = energy overload!

House blend black currant tea, locally made bottled iced tea, milkshakes and soft drinks are their available beverages.

Solar-Powered, Reduced Waste

With the usage of two solar panels, they can generate electricity that can power all their lights and certain appliances in the establishment.  Although LPG is still used in cooking and most of their large appliances are still powered by line electricity, at least, it’s a start. Everyone is also encouraged to use condiments on large containers to reduce plastic waste.

If you’re out of energy and you’re looking for a cozy pit stop with great food, perhaps, Megawatt is what you’re looking for.

Megawatt is open Mondays to Saturdays (11 am – 9:30 pm) and Sundays (9 am – 9:30 pm) and accepts major debit and credit cards.  Drop by at their restaurant at 41 N. Domingo St. cor. Gilmore Ave., Valencia, Quezon City.


What are other restaurants that replenished your energy? Let us know in the comments below!

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